It is much easier than posting comments here. It is very reliable. If I went this route I’d want to mount it in the centre armrest with the armrest “closed” TIP to recognize the phone with the PC: Hi there, I wanted to let you guys know that many people have had problems after flashing the phone with the RSD Lite.

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The system allows for hands free operation as the caller’s voice is picked up by a microphone directed to the right front speaker.

One of the USB devices attached has malfunctioned I have just unlocked an v with BL RSD my bad, sorry for the double post. I just checked a few sites and no one has it listed now. The software expect u to do testpoint to get s blank neptune lte2, but we actually achieve it by flashing. TIP to recognize the phone with the PC: This was all I was able to find. Trying many diferents motorolx my phone finally worked with yuetmodv19 so i had my phone working again, i tried everything with no luck for patching my phone but always came with error 85 so i decided to apply the test point method as follow -open motprola -open a hole in the metal plate with a drill, i wont try this again -use a nail to connect tp -connect battery through two pieces of cable -use p2k to repair pds -apply yuetmodv19 flash since it was the only that works for me but this time dont -use p2k to unlock the phone it hangs with no errors -use p2k to fix pds again -this time it works perfectly -use p2k to unlock the phone Voila!!!


All Accords can be upgraded with inch styled alloy wheels DX and LX 4-cylinder models or inch styled alloy wheels, similar to ones available on the potent V-6 Coupe equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission.

I haven’t had time to do some more test.

Motorola Inf (driver) celulares Motorola Modem Driver

When I got a call I would flip it open and set it on the driver’s door. Im from Argentina, so my english is too bad, but I just want to tell you Thanks for thhis job!

I will try to find a more reliable way to get s blank neptune LTE2. D0 L7 with this method, no drilling required: A guide by v360j guys. Ming, I am quite sure the A cassette player is also available as an accessory.

But when it comes to unlocking, no way: Do you or anyone else know if the 6 disc in dash player in mmotorola EX uses an external amp to drive the sound system? Hello YuetI translated thisfor this forum: Oh, and i saw you’re updating a MP with the iphone skin.


I hate all these errors. On the d0 phone, the original frimware was vodafone. Most of them flashed for the original motorola soft. Can i unlock my moto motkrola testpoint? Vendors Accessories Dealers and Shops. Please try to describe the problem clearer.

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That was what I did. Mororola flashing the blank soft, it is not the same when unpluged the cable. Din cate am citit eu nu prea ai cum sa macelaresti telefonul asta doar ale dreaq de l7 alea si eu si fratele meu avem aceleasi telefoane ca tine tot v30v branded pe v3660m.

It should finish in minutes. Unlock your phone 1. Is it posible to downgrade the boot loader from If I flash the phone then take out the battery, place it back in, I get a message in the right bottom corner saying: If NO, do you know some method of removing the sticky firmware from V3i.

My phone does have a stereo jack that I am going to use motoeola the car as an mp3 player