I also tried charging from a charger. I also tried with skype, but failed. What can I do with it? There should be a line similar like this. I had the same problem because I tried to turn it on before fully charging the 1st time. Tenho esta camara MD8o.

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This means your webcam is in mass-storage mode. I backed up the TAG. Try prodding me if I don’t report back. I slotted the lense back in and the camera works perfectly.

So capture software used to break my recordings into 4GB segments. I have bought two of these cameras in the last month off ebay. The computer does not see it. I got it to work as a webcam on my Windows machine, no problem.

Your email address will not be published. I had forgotten how crappy the video is from one of those cameras – in the video I shot as a test, I look nothing like Brad Pitt. Or you might, as in my case, have the blue light just staying on, with the camera still locked up.


To be honest, All Linuxes works very well with Driverless webcams. Me too – took cv 30 seconds. They both came from Singapore and neither one works. You might want to check your camera’s setup menu to see if you can switch from “storage” to “Webcam”. Thanks a lot guys and gals. I downloaded the driver from this site and now I can only read the memory.

MD80 driver – MD80 Camera Instructions

Thanks to ru for the howto and mimi ssam for the timeset script. I’ll post more if I get it working. Then Connect the camera to your PC.

kd80 I plug it in to recharge the battery but the red light stays on for hours. So did recently installed Xawtv won’t work either.

Open a terminal and type lsusbthis shows whats connected on mink. There should be a line similar like this. Then, it stopped and does not work anymore. Am really worried about this, guess because I waited more than three weeks, saved money for this item and you know it hurts Hello all, i only made an account to hopefully help others who are having problems.


MD80 driver

Then blue lights stay on, about 5 of them. I suspect that linux-uvc needed to be reinstalled. My friend bought the MD80 camera and his camera makes many files while recording each file has around 20 — 30 minutes recorded but he wants to make only 1 file with longer video. If I press the mode button, nothing. I’ll have to look into upgrading to the newest kernel.

I inserted the micro sd card. With win xp you have to have a card in for it to work as a webcam. I put one over another. I just open cheese to get a livefeed from the camera on screen. Can anyone please guide?