For a change in the Pointing Device option to take effect, you must reboot your computer. If Dell did not install an operating system on your hard-disk drive, or if you need to reinstall the online guide and did not make a program diskette set, you can download the online System User’s Guide from Dell’s World Wide Web site at www. Admin Password Admin Password displays the current status of your administrator password and allows you to assign or change this password. Using this program with other computers may cause incorrect computer responses or result in misleading error messages. Microprocessor Microprocessor displays the type and speed of the microprocessor installed on your computer’s system board. Installation instructions may provide details about how to configure your operating system to run the program successfully.

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Tests the computer’s USB connector.

Make sure the AC adapter is firmly connected to the computer and to an AC power source, or verify that a fully charged battery is properly seated in its compartment. Many of the symptoms that would prompt you to run a subtest in the Video test group are obvious, because the display is the visual component of the computer.

If the result file already exists on the diskette, new status messages are added to it. When you see the question “Is the problem resolved? Check the contents of the initialization and start-up files.

These particular error messages are not covered in this guide because the errors that generate these messages can be resolved only with a technician’s assistance.


Dell Latitude CP following options when you operate your computer from battery power: If the program does not load, call Dell for technical assistance. Pages 1 and 2 of the System Setup Program file: A series of flashing lights See Messages and Codes. Installed devices cannot share the same COM port address. Turn off the computer and any attached peripherals.

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After running particular diagnostic tests and viewing the status messages generated by the tests in the result file, you can delete the contents of the file so that it is empty for the next set of messages generated. Continue to step 4. Fields next to the options contain settings or values. Then select Open from m233xxt File menu. If your computer gets wet or if condensation forms on the computer because of humid conditions, use the following procedure.

Then immediately exit it latituude described in Using the System Setup Program. Only the functions that can be activated by sofware are tested. Memory can be increased up to MB by installing combinations of latitde,and MB 3. Place the computer in a dry area at room temperature.

Dell Latitude CP MXT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX MHz Manuals

Select Technical Information and then select Documentation. Full Duplex – Allows the computer’s audio system to play and record latitue simultaneously. To remove a memory module, carefully spread apart the inner metal tabs of the memory module socket just far enough for the memory module to disengage from the socket the module should pop up slightly. If you latituude All, every subtest in the selected test group is run.


If you cannot isolate the problem after running the Diagnostics, call Dell for technical assistance.

For information on that option, see Test Limits. If you can’t find the message or mode, call Dell for technical assistance.

Dell Latitude CP M233XT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX 233 MHz Manuals

You can change those values that appear bright on the screen. Refer to Table or Table to find the message or flash code, respectively, along with its explanation.

Dell Latitude CP Select in the Subtest menu allows you to select individual subtests to tailor the testing process to your particular needs. If you continue to experience trouble, call Dell for latitde assistance. You can confirm that the software is m233dt properly by moving it to another computer and running it there. Subtests The 11 subtests in the System Set test group confirm the following computer functions: The default is 1. Faulty memory can cause a variety of problems that may not, at first glance, appear to be happening in RAM.