Kenny ended up on the ground, but he came up smiling. All of our friends were drag racers. He placed his left hand on the sidewall to see if it was getting hard and he kept the air flowing. A really neat guy. She’s helping out with the plans for the double memorial. We put 10 guys in one motel room and had a ball. It was a good deal financially, so Kenny was nodding in the affirmative before he could hang up the phone.

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The following week at Long Beach, Zeuschel, Safford, and company shut everyone up with a 7. It was our work, our social life, and our passion. It was a very moving event, with the Road Kings and other friends remembering the early days.

Perhaps most importantly, he was a kind and generous man. A few of the Road Kings toured nationally in the summer months, booking dates and making money across the eastern half of the country, swfford faithfully returned to California for the cold months.

Kenny said he could get it started by pushing me downhill. The first time was in my chassis shop and then in an auto repair business. As payment, Muravez would let Kenny drive the dragster.

The car premiered late in the season. As a professional drag racer, he won big on small budgets.


Hot Rod Deluxe Featured. He was very inventive and had many skills.

Drag Racer Kenny Safford Passes Away

To my surprise, they embraced the name. Before he graduated, Kenny already had his second car, a Chevy with a warmed-over He went home to rest while Romeo built a new car. Battle of the Network S The Safford family budget and their home on Treasure Trail were modest.

A broken clutch linkage had caused Kenny and Bowers to miss the call for the final round, and Don Garlits won the race with his brand-new, rear-engine car. Like Dale Pulde, Cliff Brown, and others, Kenny had great success with the small engine, eventually recording 6.

Kenny Safford | Drags | Pinterest | Drag Racing, Racing and Drag cars

Perhaps mom Safford understood that the love of fast cars and the need to race is a powerful motivator that makes otherwise responsible people do less than responsible things.

As expected, Kenny excelled behind the wheel, winning 90 percent of the time on national tour.

Dale Pulde also settled in there when he was in town with the Mickey Thompson car. Safcord was the “Mr Norm” funny car guy you know. Although Kenny could no longer drive a flopper, he could build great engines and tune with the best of them, so he hired Dave Settles to steer and campaign the car. People have no idea how much fun Southern California was back then.


Drag Racer Kenny Safford Passes Away | SEMA

Apparently, it is a highlight fondly recalled, perhaps as much for the humorous mishaps as for the thrills. Roadkill’s Small Block Blaze Kenny called it quits and put the car up for sale. He was a dedicated, loving husband to Carolyn for 50 years and a great dad to Kenny Jr.

Dyer, who remains spry at 80, would drive out to Palos Hills and take Kenny out to krnny.

Quick to Make Friends and Reach the Finish Line, Road King Kenny Safford was Drag-Racing Royalty

Naturally, the Coke tour started with a meeting in Atlanta. Rod was my strong right arm and a little bit of my left, ever since I started racing. Sxfford partying at the motel was part of drag-racing life, what happened on the strip was much more important, and Kenny soon showed what he was made of, claiming Top Stock runner-up in his potent Chevy.

Nevertheless, Kenny set low e. Anything else I can help you with. Diligence had its rewards.