I just pulled these out of a pair of HOME stereo speakers my brother has carted around for years. The weak link in the system sound fidelity has always been my mid packs – horn loaded PAS 10’s – which are good for filling up a big room, but sound kinda honky up close – so I’m getting ready to build some new mid-high cabinets with two front loaded 10’s on each side. Still like the too, it can take a pounding all night long, even surviving a dropped mic that slammed it into the phase plug once or twice, something that would have cracked a diaphragm. I have more headroom in my bass cabinets, so this lets me push the midrange drivers harder in their band. Since I dont really need the long throw so much anymore, I’m hoping that putting them in sealed front loaded boxes will get rid of the honk up front.

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I’m not sure JBL made a cab spec’ed with these exact components, or if they did, I can’t find it. If you can find a pair that have original diaphragms and don’t have shifted magnets, they’re great.

Yes, they are worth something, actually quite a bit to the right folks. Maybe come down lower with that changeover. I have a pair that are mounted to horns in custom HF cabs.

JBL D16R2470 Diaphragm 2461, 2470

Look to a separate driver, or find BE phragms or even Al if you want to squeeze more than 10k out. IMHO the ‘s look better out of their cabs than in them, so I’m going to see if I can figure out a way to fly them naked without making them even more prone to ringing. I find the horn sound better with the modded ‘s on the horns. Presumably, JBL wouldnt have replaced the with the unless there was a clear sonic advantage to doing so, but maybe the s jl just cheaper and easier to cast.


The advantage I see to having two 10s for the mid packs is that when the room is full, the bottom driver will be at about shoulder level which should cover the dance floor area fairly well and the top driver will be just slightly overhead, for reaching to the back of the room. Would there be an HF advantage to swapping the to a horn? View the Media Kit. However, its only in the past week or so that I realized that for all these years I’ve been running the ‘s a lot higher then they were originally intended, and I’d hate to build a new set of cabs, only to move the weak spot from the mids to the highs – so I’m hoping that there is someone on this forum who has used s with newer diaphrams and can confirm that this will work or not One advantage to going with a horn like the is that its physically not as wide as the ‘s – so I could make the mid-high boxes a little narrower.

They have quite an intricate crossover control setup which is still intact, although that is a knockoff, too.

Just my 2 cents worth of opinion I havent been able to find any plots of the horns with a full range driver. Thanks for the advice. This is tweeter territory.

Sign in Already have an account? Plus, they are old school and look kinda jbk. These are definitely near-field monitors. That would make the system harder to move, but I try to avoid that as much as possible these days anyway.


Pictures and images JBL – Audiofanzine

Is that an L? Hello – I have a question about extending the upper range of some drivers.

I do believe that the compression driver spec sheets from the s and ’80s were all derived from the horn. I spent some time tweaking jbbl when I front loaded my bass cabs 20 years ago – although at the time, my main priority was SPL.

Register a new account. I’m fairly sure that replacing the diaphrams with ‘s increased the HF response, because the system has never lacked for high end.

I wouldn’t The phragms are not a good choice for extended HF. Otherwise, cosmetically they’re pretty perfect for something this old. I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price.

JBL Model 2461 16ω High-frequency Driver for Reapir

It looks like these were a knockoff of the JBL L, with a different mid-horn lens: All times are GMT If I can fly them, that jhl help even more. Usually car body sound deadening mastic is the preferred option here. The A’s that you have may be recones, I don’t remember them doping the cones that early but it is possible.

At the time, the consensus seemed to be that factory sounded better, whether or not 241 was worth the 3x premium was subjective.