With an audio-video or audio cable you can connect your Portable Media Center to a home or car stereo. Show More Show Less. The limit is the necessity to import file only through the PC with Windows Media player Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. On the Effects screen, click Sounds. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a.

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Controls And Menus Screen and Controls Controls and menus The iRiver Portable Media Center has a series of easy to navigate menus to help you find the music, pictures, or pjc you want to play. At the end of a music track, pressing this control skips to the next track.


Start your Portable Media Center and connect it to a non-primary computer. Getting Started Digital Media File Types Getting Started To use your Portable Media Center with riiver favorite music, TV shows, videos, and pictures, you must first have certain files installed on your computer, and then add the digital media files to your Portable Media Center from the computer.

Like the PMP the screen takes the centre stage on the 20Gb device. Much of the kudos that any PMC device attracts has nothing to do with the hardware itself.

Sort By Name Lists iriveg pictures, sorted alphabetically by name. Then use the Left and Right buttons to select the Playlists screen. The most common way is to download licensed files to your computer from content providers such as record or video companies. File compatibility isn’t a huge issue, however, considering the PMC philosophy.


Got it, continue to print. Designed to be used like a gaming device, the PMC’s underbelly features two grips that make operating the buttons located on either side of the screen effortless.

Use the Up p,c Down buttons to select a song from irievr list; then press the OK button. To browse for content recently added to your Portable Media Center 1. Setting Display Options To set the Brightness option 1.

On the Display screen, click TV Out. It runs on Linux and while for some this is a good thing Microsoft still hasn’t managed to stop those blue screens completely for those who prefer Microsoft’s operating system the introduction by iriver of a Portable Media Center edition might just be what they are looking for.

Select Install the software automatically Recommended. Playing and Viewing Digital Media Content Changing the Volume Use the volume control buttons on your Portable Media Center to change the volume of sound or music coming from the internal speaker or from attached headphones.

Browsing For and Playing Music You can browse for and play music in the following ways: Use the Equalizer settings screen to select the type of equalizer you want.

iRiver PMC Specs – CNET

Page of Go. Using the Up or Down buttons, scroll through the list and select a TV riiver. Digital Media File Types The system will automatically search for the driver and install, select Synchronize media files to this device using Windows Media Player.


The Bad Poor built-in speaker; pricey; no recording capability; no programmable preset buttons; no higher-capacity option; as with all PMCs, you can’t create video playlists. You can use your Portable Media Center to enjoy digital media files anytime and anywhere.

After finishing the two setups, you can select Automatic or Manual synchronization with the device. Only thing needed is a radio — for me, the average person won’t care so it would be perfect for the average JOe.

iRiver PMC-120 Silver/Black ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

And the lack of video recording is certainly a downer, but think of the device pmmc a portable extension of a Media Center PC. When you connect your Portable Media Center to a computer with Windows Media Player 10, Windows Media Player converts many other file types formats into these supported file types.

The one you’ve been waiting for. Page 62 Digital Media File Types You can customize the installation options in this screen also by checking the item you need to enable the functions. Best tech of You can also change the ratings of songs you previously rated using Windows Media Player.

To connect your Portable Media Center to a stereo Do iriger following: