The device manager also shows the “classic” dual-IDE controller configuration like what my Pentium 3 had Also if I have an asus sabertooth z77 do i have an intel ROM? I should probably mention that my goal was to get this system to have updated SATA drivers, if possible. Thank you, for your answer! It seems like this BIOS has quite a few misnamed options. CPL0 Show info Posts:. Click here , to adjust the content of the private message.

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AHCI log file disk. Hello everybode, hello Fernando!

AHCI Supported Chipsets

Should I stick with just the driver or go with the ahcci RST set-up with the Sun Nov 18, 9: Posted September 3, All Windows Operating Systems from W2k up. These drivers are more actual and will be optimized further on by Intel.

I could have copied it down wrong.


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Downloads for Chipsets

Wed Jul 10, 9: I would be interested in seeing that, would you give a link? It should be lch7 to get these drivers installed without any problems no disabling of the “Driver Signature Enforcement” required!

I appreciate your thread on this a lot. Sign in with Twitter. Posted August 31, edited. Regards Fernando My current System: Visit the Trac open source project at http: What do you mean by “injecting the right driver”?

Supported IntelĀ® Chipsets and Controller Hubs

But what does it mean by “native mode”? I did get it once when downgrading my previous laptop to Windows XP though.

Asrock Extreme4 bios 2. Yesterday I’ve modded the The suboption to that control is “Enhanced Mode Support On”. Thu Aug 22, Please enter a reason for warning. And to inject the sata driver offline inside XP, i would use the second link Jaclaz provided.

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Here are the most important Intel RST e drivers, which I have “universally modded” and digitally signed for you: How to benefit from the digital signature of these drivers: Sign up for a new account in our community. Oh no, that should be “RE: I have in my test lab one ICH7 system that doesn’t work at all, and one that works kind of OK but has problems. Tue Jul 09, 8: If I were you, I would choose the actual v Since I always like to participate in the technological innovation, I personally would try the newest drivers, which are announced to be compatible with my chipset.


A feedback regarding the result is much appreciated.