Then you click “Next” and wizard redirects you to the second step. You will see the preview of the video file with a range bar, that you can manage for creating a GIF file and a smaller frame for cropping.

Video UserPic is a Wizard so everything is simple and stuctured. You won’t have to read a long complicated ‘help’ before you can start. Video UserPic supports all the video formats for inputing, such as avi, asf, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, wmv.

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Wipe out deleted files never to be recovered again. Runnable from USB memory or floppy disk. Search by partial string in the file name. Undelete whole files in a directory. Undelete multiple files by selecting them with ShiftCtrl key.

Sort items displayed by clicking column headers. Rename file to be recovered by right-click on 174 file in the list. Neither installation nor DLLs is needed. Windows Vista supported.

What’s new in this version: v2. 6 made it possible to recover large files(up to 4G). fixed bugs that cause abnormal termination during normal scan. improved user interface. Just as its name suggests, DataRecovery aims to recovery files that had been deleted, including 1447 and encrypted files.


It also claims to wipe files so that they cannot be recovered.

However, we 14 not impressed by its unintuitive, amateurish user interface. The user interface offers very little direction with its vague commands. It consists of three commands–Scan, Wipe, and Recover.

There are no other settings or configurations. We selected a hard drive and clicked the Scan button.

The program did scan our computer very quickly, but a window popped up that was difficult to decipher.

It had something to do with running a full scan, but at the same time, it warned that a full scan would take a long time. We tried to selectively remove files using the Wipe feature, but another cryptic message appeared stating that 17 could not wipe any system files. From there, we tried the only other command on the user interface–the Recover feature.

We simply selected a file and browsed for a location to send the recovered file. The file was quickly saved to our 1447 location.


The only help available with DataRecovery is in the form of a text file located 1447 the folder containing the executable file, and even then, it doesn’t offer a lot of detail.

Even though the program is free, we found its cryptic pop up messages and 1447 of viable help unappealing.

This isn’t a program we’d want to rely on to recover important files.

Sponsored Try a Free Audiobook Choose from over 150,000 titles works with iOS or Android. Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From TOKIWA: Key-features FAT12,FAT16,FAT32,NTFS undeletion. Undelete NTFS compressed files.

Undelete EFS encrypted files. Wipe out deleted files never to be recovered again. Runnable from USB memory or floppy disk.