In this case IBM recommends that the power-off portion of the cycle contain the sequence specified in section 6. Initial setting Page 98 – Figure For each Reset and Execute Device Diagnostic, the diagnostic is done as follows: The seek command is usualy used to measure the device seek time by accumulating execution time for a number of seek commands. Page 14 This page intentionally left blank. Mounting screw position is Security Erase Prepare f3h

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Page 22 This page intentionally left blank.

Deviations From Standard 9. Read Native Max Address f8h This indicates the retry bit.

Output Low Voltage 0. For the Read Long command: The set position of the jumper is as shown below.

Functional Specification Part 1. Set Features Command efh The drive is a good replacement for a very old laptop I own. If the description says in bold letters: Dc Power Requirements 6.


Hard Disk Sentinel – Technical details for disk HITACHI IBM-DJSA

The sectors of data for reassignment are prepared as the spare data sector. Write Multiple c5h This indicates the head number of the sector to be transferred. Sector Number This indicates the sector number of the transferred sector. Bit Definitions High Impedance.

Drive formatted capacity by model number! Protected Area Function No intermediate sector interrupts are issued on multisector commands Initiation of the DMA transfer commands is identical to the Read Sector or Write Sector commands.

Dma Data Transfer Commands Though the interface is inactive in sleep mode, the access to the interface registers and the validity of INTRQ is guaranteed for two seconds after the Sleep command is completed. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Function Set b0h Sector Number Register 21 Features efh Nonoperating shock The shocks are applied for each direction of the drive for three mutually perpendicular axes, one axis at a time.


Fixed Disk Subsystem Description 3. When a device exits sleep mode it will enter standby mode.

One indicates that the device should check the given password against the master password stored internally. Having the correct model number is NOT sufficient information to properly identify a compatible laptop hard drive!

IBM DJSA-210 hard drive specifications

Initial setting Page 98 – Figure Irrespective of the logical CHS translation mode currently in effect, dsa LBA address of a given logical sector does not change. Read Attribute Values S. We recommend that the host system executes Soft reset and then retry to issue the command if the host system time-out would occur for the device. Mechanical positioning performance Typical and Max.