In other languages Deutsch. The meanings for each bit are:. For additional information, please see: If the device was the same type as before software can re-configure it so that the device is in the same state as it was before removal. Flush The Output Buffer 7.

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Like many IO ports, reads and writes may access completely different internal registers.

“8042” PS/2 Controller

However, it’s easy enough to selectively remove steps from the following description. When software detects that a device was plugged in it can determine the type of device see above. If translation is enabled the controller will translate “scan code set 2” into “scan code set 1”. If there is a response byte, then the response byte needs to be read from IO Port 0x60 after making sure that it mose arrived by making sure bit 0 of the Status Register is set.

If the number of trials specified in this entry is exceeded, Windows stops polling.

PS/2 (i8042prt) driver

Iprt uses the class service callback to transfer data from the input data buffer of Iprt to the data buffer of the class driver. Disclaimer It is assumed that users are familiar with the operating system they are using and comfortable with making the suggested changes. While you’ve got the Configuration Byte, test if bit 5 was set.


Iprt implements the Iprt service and its executable image is iprt. Also in my case the value was set to 3. This means that software e. Optional upper-level device filter drivers provide these callbacks routines. Initialise USB Controllers 7. Did you try what vistamike posted?? Keyboard start information request and mouse start information request.

Check if output buffer is empty first. Connection of a keyboard class service callback routine and a mouse class service callback routine. On some systems e.

I was just told that PS2 Keyboards aren’t compatible with windows An example would be “svchost.

Do PS2 Keyboards work on Windows 10 – Super User

Because some bits of the Controller Configuration Byte are “unknown”, this means reading the old value command 0x20changing some bits, then writing the modified value back command 0x Unfortunately there is one problem to worry about.

To fix this problem, you need to send the “disable scanning” keyboxrd first. My curiosity having been aroused, I poked around and found out how to “uninstall” the driver and succeeded in losing all mouse function. A driver is a program, that when started, allows Windows to communicate with specific hardware or virtual devices that are installed on your computer.


Robertyyy, OK, Pleasant Dreams. Either way should work as you’re discarding the data and don’t care what it was.

You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Bits listed in the table above as “unknown” should be treated as either “chipset specific” or “unknown”. If in doubt, don’t do anything. Overview of the AT-Controller.

This will mousse the computer to recognize any hardware changes. I had to hit and hold the power switch to shut the machine down. Can you please explain what this actually does? You can add this entry to the registry to correct an error in the keyboard type detected at startup.