These monster trucks are the workhorse of the mining industry. Don’t go blowing a grand at the casino. Coming soon to a cinema near you. I’ve got an unrestricted MC licence, 5 years of normal truck driving experience on-road, 2 years of mine site experience as an electrcian but a busted arse mine site is a busted arse mine site , and I get absolutely nothing back from anyone when I appy for haul truck jobs, or even a regular HC or MC side tipper job. My role is basically to operate the truck, and move dirt from the pit to the dump areas. Is it realistic for someone like me in their mid’s with no experience to walk into a job like that?

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It took me three years to get in because I had no experience, and it was only meant to be a two year plan to get a deposit for a house. These monster trucks are the workhorse of the mining industry.

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Everyone else hassles the big companies so it might be worth doing the opposite and talking to the smaller ones that hopefully don’t dismiss you as soon as you say hello. I have an extra role where I also train new recruits that come through.

Drugs and working on mine sites — not a good mix. But people still do get hired, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to position yourself so that you’re the one that gets hired. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Driver salaries in Hemmant QLD. It’s possible they’ll get you into something just to shut you up and get you out of their lives.


You have to find what works for you and it’s a bit of trial and error. If you can legitimately now you had some Aboriginal ancestry play on it for all its worth. It would be appreciated if you could check the email address linked to your profile, and update it where necessary.

Q and A with a dump truck driver

Find out who does their hiring, go they are looking for, etc. It took me three or four months to work out that drinking coffee at night did not work, because that would keep me awake during the day as well. Only driven gently on Sundays.

Learn to save and invest it. The site and the working conditions for z are exactly the same, the only thing that was different was the kind of truck I was driving, and it only takes one day to adjust. LeTourneau ‘s business was bought by Wabcoand the Haulpak name continued through Wabco’s purchase by American Standardthe operation’s purchase by Dresser Industriesthe becoome into Komatsu-Dresserand for a time after Komatsu took over complete ownership from Dresser.

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Currently I’m on You don’t know anyone in the mining industry and you just have no idea what to do. Drivers can work as contractors or as full-time employers. Driver salaries in Newcastle NSW. Also as has been mentioned, it’s usually who you know rather than what you know, so find someone on a site and become bestest friends.

Would also second what Rich said, many, many guys and gals have done this, thinking to get out after ro couple of years, and never been able to leave ’cause they got used to the pay and lifestyle and can’t go back. Since making the switch she hasn’t looked back, and has gone from strength to strength after starting work as a dump truck operator. Filbert on Moto Guzzis. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.


It’s not unreasonable for someone with little to yow XP to wander in to a job like that, but you might want to consider other jobs on site as well. A high paying job that requires FA to get into excites a lot of people, placing you in a rather large demographic of inexperienced people applying for the job. Adams in and thereafter front end loaders, with the purchase of Scoopmobile.

Dump Trucks

Work with a program that focuses on areas such as occupational health and safety, loading and transporting materials, assessing risks, working with high walls and shutting down. She has more than 17 years of business, human resources and project management experience and decades of book, newspaper, magazine, radio and business writing experience.

Views Read Edit View history. To drive haul trucks you need to first get a HR licence. Joined hajlpak four stroke club. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.