Used to select the time base for the incoming time code data. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Follow us on YouTube. Calibration of laboratory’s equipment Reference for microwaves applications Interferometry, S Indicates the letters used in the Input Reference Priority table for this particular input reference.

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Time synchronization can be achieved by simply reading the time registers, using the SYNCCLOCK card to generate periodic interrupts, or latch the time of an external event.

For enhanced phase noise performance an optional clean up oscillator is installed between the rear panel inputs and the inputs of the transfer switch. The FDA is the perfect solution where an accurate frequency feed is required to multiple areas. The Have Quick II format appends the day of timedode year in three octets followed by the year in two octets.

Brandywine’s Portable Timing Unit PTU is a low cost, battery operated, transportable timing system that is designed to provide precise time of day at point of use. The latter features more complex frequency hopping.

Please Contact us for more information about these new products. A local clock set up through the Time Management Page: Once the target frequencies were identified, radio frequency jamming could easily be employed to degrade or completely disable communications.

CBIL :: Lange-CLHaveQuick

Brandywine TimeSpy – precise measurement tool for a wide range of signals Brandywine Communications The TimeSpy precisely measures the time accuracy of a wide range of inputs such as: Each octet represents a code word from a Hamming 8,4 code, which has distance 4 and thus can correct a single-bit error and timecoode two-bit errors.


The on-board microprocessor automatically synchronises the cloc However, recent efforts in the U. The frequency standard is also able to slave to an external 1PPS signal to steer and hold the internal oscillator and clock system precisely in time. Designed with interoperability in mind, th Brandywine TimeSpy – precise measurement tool for a wide range of signals.

During development and the procurement of Havewuick radios, military planners did not require features to secure communications for aircraft and helicopters from jamming until the post- Vietnam War era. Since timestamps are captured for every packet transmitted and received, there is no need to parse the packet itself or change it in any way.


The timecode is usually transmitted using Manchester encoding with a pulse width of 60 ]s, resulting in a bit rate of about The available choices are: The time-stamps are conveyed to the NTP program by one means or another.

Two independent input references are supported, ilne fault monitoring The Have Quick I format includes the hours, minutes, and seconds, each in two octets each in that order. Follow us on LinkedIn.

Enter your email address below and we’ll send you an email with ‘s information and line list attached. A variety of status indicators are locate Brandywine FDU Low Phase Noise Distribution Unit Brandywine Communications For enhanced phase noise performance an havquick clean up oscillator is installed between the rear panel inputs and the inputs of the transfer switch.


At intervals something less than 1 s, the NIC driver updates the structure holding the last NIC clock and system haveuqick and trims the K multiplier.

This option will appear under the name of the local clock you have set up. The Edit window allows the configuration of the following settings: The standards issues have evolved over many years in the precise time and time interval PTTI community [7].

Brandywine Communications Network Time Adapter provides a convenient and flexible means of accurately time synchronizing computers, time displays, PBX’s and a wide variety of other equi Engineers recognized that newer aircraft radios already included all-channel frequency synthesizers along with keyboards and displays for data entry.

Timing & Frequency

A good guess is that this scheme could do as well as the PPS discipline, which has a nominal jitter on the order of a few microseconds. If the input signal is valid the indicator will be green. However, the weakest link in this scheme is that the master reference source is the commodity compute clock oscillator and operating system.