Take the Firetruck to your newly owned hideout and store it in the same garage your Rhino is in. At the first level, one patient will be waiting for you. He’ll shoot at the red barrels–avoid the bonfire he makes. If you fall off, you have to make the long trip NW to get another helicopter. HP 40 – Go into the multi-story car park on the west side of the mall. You’re given 2 minutes to kill 10 gang members with a Katana. It’s worth a try, surely?

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If you want to have a look at it, fly over Fort Baxter and look down at the miasion invincible Rhino. Ignore about them and follow the FAQ for now.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Videos – iGrandTheftAuto

Vercetti missio immune only to flames and not explosions, so becoming Flameproof is not so important as far the game is involved. Triumphantly, get back to the terrace of the Hyman Condo, go downstairs, and save your game. It’s harder for them to kill you when you have Health and Armor.

Go north on it and shortly you’ll notice a white jewelry shop to your left–the only shop you can enter on this road. Drive anywhere and your other star will disappear. Mission 48 – Sunshine Autos. There are two customers, each in a different location.


HP 29 – To the south of Links View Apartment you’ll see a modern-looking building with ramps and patios. After level if you want more money? Go to the southern end, locate the package between two trailers, and steal it.

GTA: Vice City Mission #42 – The Driver – PC Walkthrough

Take the briefcase and Go to the northern destination–a car. The chase game help?

The road curves up in a semi-circle. HP 11 – Go east across the street from the Lawyer’s office to a house which you’ll buy later. You’ll see a yellow dot on your radar–in actuality, that’s the burning vehicle.

Mission 49 – V. You’ll see a yellow dot on your gt Map, which represents a passenger with a pink arrow pointing down to their head whom you have to give a ride.

You probably saw it while you searched for Hidden Packages. Go west on mixsion entrance road of the Moist Palms Hotel to the parking lot. Head to the missipn destination pink square. You should always take the MAIN roads whenever it’s convenient while doing the missions. Go around the outside of the pizza shop and you’ll find a moped parked near the drive-through window. Go stand in the middle of crowds of gangsters and press FIRE to kill them all.


The mission is to destroy 15 vehicles.

Enough victims are generated in the area by going back and forth on the same road. The mission is to extinguish the fires of the cars and the people who emerge from them. Take a fast or heavy durable car like a Phoenix or a Securicar, drive through the gate, stop close to the Rhino, and get kission. It only gives a clear-cut methodology to use to complete the missions.

GTA Vice City – iPad Walkthrough – Mission #42 – The Shootist

Mission 15 – Two Bit Hit. Winstein for showing me this easy method. If you drive fast, you may flip the vehicle and destroy it, and fail the mission. After triggering the mission, get into the Cheetah and go to the destination.