Fixed the sidebar button may lose response when clicking it. User interface enhancements make Driver Genius easier and more convenient than ever. Added silent install parameter for driver update installation, one click to install drivers. Minor bug fixes in Game Booster. Fully support for Windows 8.

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Duane, When using the quad part, if you need high-voltage isolation, clip the four pins off of one of the middle isolators, and use the singleton on the end for your feedback.

Driver Genius 16 Version: Improved use interface, make the program easier and more friendly to use.

Driver Genius – Download

I need geius service manual to check for potential problems, so can repair it ourselves. My other circuit relied heavily on precision resistors, transitors not readily available. Driver Genius 17 Version: If you want to make life easy use a AD transmitter ic.


Adds hide driver update to prevent prompting to download driver update repeatedly.

There appears to about a 0. We appreciate your feedback for your Genius product user experience.

Improved driver installation process for Windows Improved high-DPI display support. Fixed can’t load the download driver list. Quick Links Categories Recent Discussions.

What precision does the OP need? Driver Auto-installer can’t be loaded in Deutsch language system.

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Improved gneius stability of driver downloading. The micro would accept serial data over a cheap opto like the H11L1. Duane, I missed why you came here from the isolated RS thread. Support more than 60, hardware devices.

Fixed too high CPU usage when backing up drivers. Minor bug fixes in Game Booster. However, it cannot be turned on anymore. Automatically download the driver database before scanning driver updates.

Genius Webcam(IL300/FC312)

Improved loading time for hardware info. You can log in into your Amazon account and generate a Amazon return label.


Fixed a Run-time error may appear when backing up drivers. Added gemius hardware devices support. Thousands up updates and additions to the Driver Database. Fixed the program may crash when backing up drivers in command line mode. Added game optimizing programGame Booster.

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We’ll have a 24V supply to the sensor with a 5V switching regulator with a portion of the 5V dropped to 3. The mA driver will have an option of being powered externally. Also make sure the other webcams are normal. Auto-switching to another server if a download fails.