RAJ on October 23, I also have a Geforce 4 MX by Gainward. I found this, and it solve my problem, it camo from blizzard, i hope it helps you guys too: But when i turn my PC back on the screen is just black and evrything else working except for that. Do you recommend nuking to be the first step after an upgrade? When i install it it says device failed after all the drivers were instaled. I know it’s an OpenGL problem, as one game allows me to turn off OpenGL extensions and it removes the problem completely, the only snag is that the textures then don’t look half as good.

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Farras on November 26, Nasis ,do you found an issue for the problem in open gl games?

Windows 95/98/Me Driver Archive|NVIDIA

Im having a problem with my Geforce 4 Mx i just bought. Hello, i have a Geforce 4 mx and when im playing half-life counter-strike i cant get the fps over 30 no matter what i do. Substance and Enter the Matrix. What is the problem? What’s the exact filename of the driver?

I’ve tried GLSetup, it’s not working. I found a solution! I am putting one for sale now.


Windows 95/98/Me Driver Archive

Have installed and reinstalled the games numerous times, with you guessed wi98, no result. What takes so long to fix. By defaultdrivers supplied by the Windows XP operating system upon installation do not support open gl. I use windows 98 pentium 3 MB sd-ram Asus motherboard soundblaster live 5.

Its is not oly warcraft 3, but Metal gear solid 2: Does that ring a bell for anyone? Actually in my case it is a lot worse. Board index All times are UTC. So I went in and did gefforce4 old nuking of prefs and worked my way back up. In short, I’m not sure if the is faster than the MX on these slower systems. Note some settings may not apply to your BIOS These settings are geforfe4 for maximum performance and stability.

I’ve checked PNY that’s who my card is made byand i’ve also checked Nvidia The Nvidia demos work, too, which didn’t before.

MS’s nVidia GeForce4 MX 440 video driver in SP2 ?!

The problem is calling a “tearing efect” and its appears when v-sync is off. Has anybody experienced something similar?

Hopefully this will of got it working, the mian problem I think is that there were reminence of old OpenGL Wjn98 on my PC that caused it to crash. Ok Im sorry to bother you all but can anyone tell me what cable i need to connect a freaking Tv to Gforce4 MX ive searched everywhere for the asnwer this is my last resourt.


I just want it to run at at least 50fps don’t know if that’s possible on the machine, it has a mhz Pentium II. I know some may luagh at me, I didn’t just get a new vid card to play demos.

Originally posted by rainer.

You have too many devices and not enough IRQ’s. Im not to familar with the nvidia drivers. A to play with greater then 1 FPS i average 60 fps because my monitor doesn’t want to go any higher. Audie on September 30, For me I used that system only for games that were old enough to not run on XP i.