Joined Jun 11, Messages 8 Reactions 0 Points 0. This fixes the issue for me with some games, but you can’t use the sticks then. If you own the hardware already, an emulator is crap. It is recommended to do backup of your saved games especially to the memcards which are shared by all of games. Dbrown New Member Jun 13, Enable or disable filtering for people waiting to see the games how it was in the original PSX. Not quite an issue yet, but in the future there may simply be no TVs that anything with an analog connection works on

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Stick with original hardware.

ePSXe for Android, wireless ps3 controller not being recognised | Next Generation Emulation Forum

Player n map axis Allow you to assign axis from native joysticks on Android 3. There is no one stop post for everything that needs to be done, sixaxls it has not been done.

PSX games compatibility is very high. Dbrown New Member Jun 17, Vibration emulation is limited, it depends on your gamepads drivers, and Android does not supports different actuators or effects.


Reduce ware and tear on rare physical disks that it is getting harder and harder to replace. I should rephrase what i said in my first post. Dbrown New Member Jun 13, Activate javascript to see the email. Cheats codes ePSXe supports Gameshark cheat codes builtin. You can choose 4: Thanks for the answer, and sorry for posting this in the wrong forum.

It can be useful in some emulators that do not have a default sixais for what ever controller you use to be able to tell how the controller outputs analog movement. Dbrown New Member Jun 12, You can move, hide and resize the buttons on the skin. Email address protected by JavaScript.

Map Extra functions 1.

Cant get my PS3 controller to work with ePSXe. | Next Generation Emulation Forum

Email address protected by JavaScript. Dbrown New Member Jun 11, Triver New Member Mar 22, You must log in or register to reply here. You must log in or register to reply here. It is probably fine.

Cant get my PS3 controller to work with ePSXe.

Pad Skin file You can create and use your own pad skin. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.


Nor sixzxis you need to dig your original hardware out of storage because you want to play that one old game again. First off is your PS3 controller recognized by your operating system at all Can some one help me with this? I stilL can’t play wirelessly. I only use Motioninjoy, nothing else, and it works perfectly. To answer your question if you are seeing only touchscreen none and moga that means your ps3 controller is not “really” connected to your nexus 7.

ePSXe + Sixaxis Controller on Galaxy Pad 2

Activate javascript to see the email. In the editor screen you can modify the “digital” and the “analog” skin to match your requirements. Nascal New Member Mar 18, Joined Mar 14, Messages Reactions 0 Points 0. Epsse on your device speed, you can choose full audio effects required in some games or disable some audio effects to improve the emulation speed.