Southeastern Kansas, within a mile radius of Tulsa, including Coffeyville, Caney, Pittsburg, Wichita, and the following counties: Visit our page on the NovaJet i. ENCAD, Incorporated is an innovator and market leader in the field of wide-format computer inkjet printers. Sales were expected to be brisk, perhaps even surpassing those of the company’s previous products within several years. Refill Cartridges Print Interface: Most recently updated June 1, For Boys ammunition reloads in Australia- http:

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Full-Width Characters Printers 1. With distribution to over 67 countries, exclusive manufacturing arrangements with major corporations such as Xerox and Eastman Kodak, and a history of technical leadership, the company is in a strong position to defend its turf against aggressive competition from industry giant Hewlett-Packard.

Encda is especially obvious on dpi Encad printers such as the Chroma Thermal Pigment Inks Printing Type: Beginnings ENCAD was founded in by Prunters Purcell and two partners as a maker of pen-plotter printers, devices that were used to print computer-generated images such as blueprints and industrial designs. Although I have a 36″ printer and at times it would be more helpful to have a 50″ to 70″ printer, for actual daily use a 24″ printer is definitely better than none at all.

This item was removed from a working machine and used as spare parts. Changing inks on an older Encad can take several hours, sometimes up to 6 hours if you had never done it before!


The new Epson was only an unfinished prototype when it was presented at the DRUPA printer trade show in Germany in May, so don’t get lulled into believing the hype about it until they work the flaws out of the new system. Geniune Original Production Capacity: Please fill out all necessary fields.

The ENCAD Nova Jet Pro 36 wide format printer with EFI Fiery PostScript RIP.

It works only on a single printer. In the spring of the company introduced an inkjet printer that could print high-resolution images directly onto specially coated fabrics, a concept that appealed greatly to the fashion industry. How does the Encad Chroma 24 compare with the Epson ?

The reddish picture at the bottom is a circumferential rollout of a Maya vase photographed in the Museo Popol Vuh, Guatemala.

ENCAD, Incorporated — Company History

I have these problems with my elderly Encad NovaJetPro all the time. This kind of dot pattern is not acceptable for fine art prints nor for printerz needs in other words these prints are nowhere near continuous tone.

Of course the sales reps can change it in an hour or so, but they do this every day. For printets best in biker gear – http: Wide Format Inkjet printers, inks, trade shows, consulting. The company had for some time commanded the majority of the graphic arts wide-format printer market, as its reputation for quality and innovation was widely known.

Encad printers join IDEAL.com for complete scan-to-print solution

For the best in Chinese food restaurant delivery in Tulsa – http: This situation is not as bad on dpi Encad printers, but if you take the same print on a dpi Encad printer and compare it with the results from a dpi Hewlett-Packard what scanner should you use to prepare your images for a wide format printer?


International Directory of Company HistoriesVol. Please fill in the Comments Field: The advantage of Encad wide format printers is that they make a printer for almost every need and budget. Plus, cities such as: Because the inkheads do not clean themselves a variety of problems can occur. Recently we received an e-mail from Encad indicating that rather than the photo and art graphics market that Encad would instead concentrate on printers for making signs, such as for selling vegetables and fruits in grocery stores.

Does the ink carriage stop at different spots during a plot on the printer?

Encad will also concentrate on simple printers for CADarchitectural plotters for architects and engineers. Main disadvantage of all the Encad printers is that the images have a visable dot pattern.

These fans all operate on 24V. As consumers, we often take for granted all the hard work prinhers goes into building a great company. Ink Filling Machines Printing Type: