Accept Reject Read More. Type it into the browser address window like this: The Adapter easily connects your USB-equipped desktop or notebook computer to your wireless network for Internet and file sharing. Desktop users can now join the network with the ease of a USB plug-in, without opening their PC cases; laptop users can enjoy the benefits of staying mobile-while connected to the Internet. Look in the right hand corner, to the right of the battery there is a icon that looks like two computers this is the network manager icon , right click on that.

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This is basically my first attempt to even use wireless networking yet everything is very clean cut for the most part. Umm i also use easy peasy umm i was talking to my freind myles and he told me that there was alot of issues with it in easyleasy. Look in the right hand corner, to the right of the battery there is a icon that looks like two computers this is the network manager iconright click on iwreless.

I was unable to get wireless working on my HD with eeebuntu 2. The default Ubuntu kernel already provides the required modules. Eee computer, can’t connect to wireless on easy peasy.


[ubuntu] Eee computer, can’t connect to wireless on easy peasy.

April 18th, 8. You can determine the router IP address using NetworkManager. Wirleess Link to a FAQ. April 14th, 1. It’s been a while. On the card, the choices that are completely safe and which will fully eliminate exposure are highlighted by a green dot. Ubuntu Eee — an Ubuntu based Linux distribution for netbooks.

cannot connect wirelessly via WPA after installing Ubuntu easy peasy for netbooks

I get the following error:. Accept Reject Read More. Cheers 15Submitted by anonymous not verified on Thu, ERROR while getting interface flags: I have ran out of time to include a step-by-step on Debian Sarge. Archived Comments 1Submitted by Christophe not wlreless on Mon, Please do not send Private Messages to me with requests for help.

It appears that, if I want to connect wirelessly, I have to connect within about 6 feet from my Router, however once connected I can travel around the house, without losing the connection. I will stay connected for about easypasy minute, then it will lose its connection. Activist Post Daily Newsletter Email address: Find the answer to your Linux question: If someone could help me, I would be very greatful.


Ubuntu is my first adventure Ubuntu is my first adventure into linux and I only installed it yesterday so I know nothing about anything! The router IP address depends on the brand and model. Clear Light Ventures has provided a quick reference Wireless Safety Card on their website that may be printed and shared.

Activist Post has also covered health issues associated with exposure to cell towers.

Easy-Peasy Beautiful Wireless Radiation Safety Card from Clear Light Ventures

All times are GMT. Ubuntu users are lucky enough to have just about wideless they need already configured in the kernel by the default installation.

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Well, after reinstalling Ubuntu Intrepid, I find I still cannot connect wirelessly. April 17th, 5.

Could anyone help me? In my setup when editing the interface file iface wlan0; inet dhcp auto wlan0 I had to change wlan0 to rausb0. My adapter is a version 2 and I used the rtusb.