Z Control Interface Figure P. It has an embedded More information. Protocol setup Fig 7. If click, users could copy the setting of this channel to any other selected channel Configuration Click icon and access to configuration interface: Schedule Record Schedule record option 6. Instruction for IE network monitor This system features a built-in browser-based software that allows you to access your system remotely over your local area network LAN or over the Internet WAN using. Take the following three pictures for example.

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The default setting is that Audio input1 matches channel1 and Audio input2 matches channel2 If click, users could copy the setting of this channel to any other selected channel Schedule configuration Click the icon and enter Schedule Configuration page as below: The administrator endows rights to power users by ticking off boxes in the right list.

Baud Rate Set P. Start in order beginning with the drivers. The software support auto-reboot. TwoTD cards have maximum 16 sensors.

MEDIA – SuperDVR – TD3004 Video Computer Driver Updates

Ddvr button near ‘Zoom’ button to zoom out the locale picture of this camera ‘Iris’ button. Z Serial port setup Fig 7. Return to previous main interface: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. This is useful when user wants to look through some important events.


Appendix How to set recycling record mode on the te3004 Appendix How to set auto reboot function Appendix How to quickly use the schedule record function Appendix What are the byte rates for different image qualities from highest to normal?

Meghan Long 1 years ago Views: Click again to return to the former playing back mode. Defaults Set as default. System Requirements Your system must meet the system requirements More information.

Click to return to dgr main display interface. Click to enter Emap Emap Edit, press right key of Load Picture in the default interface td33004 map and select the required map file in the related folder, open the file and the map will be displayed in this interface, as Figure E-Map Edit.

Motion Holding Time The continuous recording time after motion stopped 5. Sensor alarm recording mode has the highest priority among all record modes.

Right-click the ruler, it will be td30004 10 multiples. Figure Play Speed Controller The following area shows the record files of different channels: If necessary, click the bar once and see the magnified time marks for precise search.

Pre-Alarm Record Users can select whether to enable alarm pre-record and also pre-record time. Users use this software to monitor real-time Camera, More information. Click and then enter into WebCam Main interface. Pro Monitoring System 1. Mail setup Fig 7.


Techwell TW+ driver – Techwell Video Drivers –

Input the user name and password, the default user name is SYSTEM with no password, users can access to the main interface. Sensor alarm record dr With extra alarm board, the system enables alarm input and output.

The following are standard functions of the products: Figure Schedule Configuration Our TD series system offers the users with powerful schedule configuration options. Every channel has three kinds of record modes, i. Normal State Viridescent light: When searching for a certain section of the file, users can draw dr scrolling-bar to the area that most likely contains the needed section.

When you install the drivers More information. When users need to utilize P.