Rees Cambridge University describe the origin of a pulsar from the coalescence of two white dwarfs in a close binary system, This avoids the disruptive effects of a supernova blast and produces a disk of gas and dust around the newly formed neutron star. Peter turns oil he lights and asks them to look out through the skylights. Came oin such luminaries as Dr Fred Hess, Dennis diCipcu, and Fred Fspenak on thts adventure, Deluxe hotels, comprehensive sight string most meals included. Mikhailov, and others arc always insightful and often surprising. Is it worth, say, Si million worldwide for a fivefold increase over present totals? Because of Gali- leo’s crippled main antenna, which re- mains only partially Open, telemetry could be trickled to Earth at just 4. I’ve gotten a reputa- tion for the funny and sad stories I have to tell.

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Various writers have claimed ihai many months must have elapsed, giving the Magi iinie to complete their long and arduous journey from Mesopotamia to Judea, But no one really knows where the Magi originated, and as mentioned above the first occultation took place above the horizon in just a small region around Judea, within a much shorter travel distance to Jerusalem.

Telescope for a r sides the more atcont aspects of modem physics. Firai the ,L tempo- nauc” races through space al close to the speed of light from the fixed to the moving end Of Che wormhole, and then comes back essentially instantaneously through it. Haumon and Slade confirmed thal Mercury has a radar bright feature at its norlhpole.

The result is [hat fl wavefront reaching the ground is no longer flat but corrugated m two dimensions. California, at- tracted so rrrnch international interest that, a month Later, the International As- tronomical Union adopted a similar resolu- tion.


This idea, long popular among theorists but lacking in hard evidence, now has strong observational support. Dennis d dvvr Cicco Stuart J. In particular, unlil now poor sensitivity has limited optical interferometers to observations of bright stars.

In my analysis this scene represents a lunar occupation of Venus in Aries On the morning of April Kelly Realty Technical Editor: As in che first occurrence, the Moon would have been hard to spot this time loo.

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Further- more, its associated, supernova remnant Looks like a bullet passing through a sheet of robber. Mart had nice views of the Stan and several sunspots, av projected on a card behind the eyepiece. I’ve tried it with various Schmidt- Cassegrains and Newtonians from 6 to 20 inches, ]t worked well each time, however, ihe bigger the light bucket, the more dramatic the effect.

Their Mark prototype has been operating on Mount Wilson. Neutrino astronomy came of age with the serendipitous detection of 19 neutrinos in the Space of. This is especial ty true when both images are sub- jected to the common denominator im- posed! These results attend previous work on 1,0 o 1 o. John Asmus’s use of lasers to restore Qin Dynasty terra-cotta figures; lAnny Patterson’s study of the language ability of the great apes; Donald Perrys invention of wp-9804 device that enables him to work high krat the trees to study tropical rain forests; or Anita Studer’s reforestation project in the rural villages of Brazil.

Fortunately, such energetic gamma rays produce showers of secondary particles when they crash into the atmosphere, and these can be detected by Lnslrumcnis on the ground.

The glam red slaix sued ay Mira are variable in d? For our purposes wc can ignore Venus, which portends peace and harmony, and Mer- cury, which, as wc have seen, is associated sp-98804 treaties, ncgotialions, and prosperity. Along with a lot of other informal ton, he zp-9804 an entertaining i able listing a selection of fairly recent, often mutually exclusive estimates of the Hubble parameter.


Over our galaxy’s lifetime ihe stars at the crowded centers of ihese swarms should have merged to form mas- sive black holes. And so we witness the emergence of a new scientific discipline, par licit astrophys- ics- It can be divided logically into Four subfield st particle cosmology, stellar parti- cle physics, gamma rays and neutrinos, anti cosmic mys, PARTICI. But this arrangement allows only limited tracking without repositioning the telescopes.

The brightest areas are kagt, producing a dart, central valley ol useless data, ffipbl,- A novel image-rct. Actually, such a lopping would be expected, given that the planet’s uppermost layers arc stirred bv a constant rain of high-speed interplanetary debris. Of course Nye’s five- month campaign was simplified by the iu;ed to change ibe streets name.

These dates define the interval in which the Star of Bethlehem ffiOSsl likdy appeared, and a computer search did in fact turn up a promising event ps-9804 between them.

The same effects show up in a more pronounced way in high-energy physics.

The only southern magnifi- cences missing are ihe two Magellanic clouds, which still lie ddvr below i he horizon of the Florida Keys. G Fwl-irer ffC Id 6H 7 t. Obviously J am biased, but I think the 12 million would have been well spent. Mikhailov, and others arc always insightful and often surprising. These remain very impor- tant goals for such instruments, because there are still precious few accurate meas- urements that allow fundamental stellar properlies lo be determined.