Sebelumnya saya install Apple OSX86 Semuanya operasional dengan baik. Thank’s for your your advice, but I’m afraid I don’t have much time to re-create my template. HP Compaq Pavilion zvus. Summary Description Specifications Compatibility Summary. HP Compaq TouchSmart txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txca, txus, txau, txca, txdx, txca, txea, txet, txnr, txea, txea, txau, txcm, txcm, txcm, txee, txei, txbr, txed, txef, txej, txel, txeo, txep, txes, txew, txxx, txee, txbr, txee, txla, txeg. HP Compaq Business Notebook nx

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After it finished, let it try to boot from this bootable CD next to your computer or notebook.

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Kalau saya ulas semua, bisa 6 SKS nih, tapi overall, saya beri skor 8. If you are looking for OEM parts for a great price then this is the place to come to.

Do you swear you have the right SATA drivers for your chipset? Dari pengalaman pribadi, driver Wifi saya dapetin dari Toshiba seri M? Ada yang punya sata drivernya dalam bentuk zip? Kini saya bisa install xp tanpa floopy mekasih bnyak2 hilang sih peninnya huhuhu saya ada trbca ttg ini. What did i miss on this? For me, I don’t give sv9736ca shit about that.

Did you make anything special to get this working on HPb?? Pak Eko tolong dong, saya baru instal window xp ke acer travelmate tapi sampai sekarang gagal soundnya!


HP Compaq TouchSmart txeg, txeo, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txer, txau, txau, txca, txca, txea, txed, txee, txef, txes, txnr, txdx, txnr, txau, txau, txau, txau, txes, txet, txus, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau, txau.

Makasih Pak Eko sebelumnya, Respon bapak lebih cepat dari support Acer yang saya kirimi mail tapi belum dibalas Does somebody have the sounddrivers for extensa ?

I have downloaded the driver from the official Acer website and have installed it, but it didn’t work. At least let us use the “use previous versions” in the F6 boot command. Dvv9736ca the correct drivers to support AHCI for xv9736ca mobo from your manufacturer’s web site. Hello I made the bootable disk with Nlite, But I have another problem on the Acer G The boot time is too long the performance is low for such a powerful machine, When I switch the laptop It takes seconds before the Acer logo appears on screen.

Apple Dv9736fa By Dr.

HP Laptop AC DC Power Adapter by Model Numbers

AC Power Adapter for HP Pavilion dveb dvwm dvtx dvtx dvxx dvtx dvtx dvtx dvtx dvtx dvtx dvca dvca dvnr dvca dvca dvca dvwm. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

I have an Acer AspireI just wanted to say I’m dealing with the same dv9736cq.

HP Compaq Business Notebook. HP Compaq Pavilion dv CTO, dvtx, dvca, dvca, dvel, dvca, dvca, dvca, dveb, dvus, dvnr, dvcl, dvel, dvcl, dved, dvus, dvus, dvca, dvez, dvnr, dvcl, dveb, dvef, dvus, dvca, dvcl, dvca, dveb, dveg, dvej, dver, dvef, dvek, dver, dves, dveb, dvew, dveb, dvef, dvem, dvef, dvef, dvei, dvus, dvnr.


I’ve had no luck, I did hear about disabling the ata drive in bios, I’m a bit scared of messing something up.

HP Laptop AC DC Power Adapter by Model Numbers

MSI SYA tidak saya pilih karena walaupun sudah branded international, tapi service point-nya masih kurang dibandingkan dengan yang lain. Sebelumnya saya install Apple OSX86 Untuk masalah sound di Linux, coba dipatch dengan driver alsa terbaru.

HP Pavilion dveb dvwm dvtx dvtx dvxx dvtx dvtx dvtx dvtx dvtx dvtx dvca dvca dvnr… read more Buy at Amazon. Apakah sound Anda sudah terinstall dengan baik dan driver modem memang untuk Windows XP? Here is the link for the SATA driver: Thanks for the information. Hi i do have a question Thanks man Sala mat Po not sure the spelling. Dell la65ns2 Inspiron read more Buy at Amazon.

Makasih banyak atas jawabannya.