I have updated firmware, etc. Any basic knowlegde would prove as useful info! You must be logged in to post a comment. Also USB2 is faster than fire wire. G9 hum Hz dB problem..

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I personally use a midi electronic kit and record it stereo. You guys are all stupid!!! Loving it, a great experience for sure. Any one got ideas???? I was able to get the firmware updater on my Win 10 machine and it told digidesifn I already had the correct firmware.

Digidesign Mbox 2

Why use an external module anymore…. I can also use the powerbook as a node when doing the processing in logic, so I get the bonus of another cpu.

Any basic knowlegde would prove as useful info! When I plug the Mbox2 in and select it as Audacity’s recording device in Ubuntu Digidesign Mbox 2 Filed under: I have been using protools for awhile but was using and racks. I then tried a powered hub 2. I’m stuck on this.


Maybe you can use a friend’s computer. But none of the drivers have changed the firmware on the Mbox2, and I need the 1. If the preamps shit you will get a poor reproduction of the direct cd recording out of the recorded tracks. I recently just discovered the 48V phantom power is useless on my mbox2 with powerbook G4….

However, the MIDI latency makes composing imposable with this unit. It does make a big difference from a device being usb 1.

I called the place I bought it from who told me: Its the job of the preamp to replicate the sound that enters it. All the lights are on at the box itself. This message is for John. Thank you very much for your replies.

Digidesign Mbox 2 Firmware Updater Drivers

I have purchased the MBox 2 system with the hopes of giving my clients the ultimate in studio to studio flexibility, and for some strange reason the midi ports dont work. The computer however no longer recognises it on the USB! You will hear every single hiss or pop. Mboz blend this with the original mix and spread it on the stereo field. You figure it out… perhaps run by digidesign. Out of warranty now and very unhappy after spending so much money that this is occuring.


I also do production on the side. I check all recordings with good set of headphones to isolate all sounds before recording.

Do newer versions of Pro Tools update the firmware automatically? I had no issues with my previous Mbox. Unless your mbox is faulty ,it is absolutely noiseless!!! Get the waves production package.