You have to be 21 to do your first driving turn, but can do all the training and start before 21, just not drive on your own until That’s called real life. As I am relatively young, used to working shifts, graveyards and being up at all odd times, have no strings hanging off me in the way of relationships and keen as mustard to get back to the UK to see my beloved Southampton FC, this sounds awesome. Only kidding, farm machinery really. We all know enough about what driver training involves to make it sound believable, just flesh out a couple of nice little quotes and send them on in.

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Sorry, stoopid pun but it had to be said!!! Jan 12, Last Visited: Sounds a bit fishy I guess experience using a photocopier wasn’t complex enough. Folks, take a look – this is how journalism seems to work: It’s divided into 10 sections, and roughly half is in a classroom, and half is driving under instruction.

So far no trainees have contacted me, and maybe it’s because they’re all too busy or think there’s nothing much they could say anyway. Never have I met such a rude individual who was late, pushy and having a go at people and threatening to leave unless the group of 15 students was cut to just four this is for the photo. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner.


The Connex Group Management Trainee Salaries in the United States |

I wouldn’t have thought it would be so popular. I can’t wait for the day that the major media organisations declare war on each other printing all sorts of lies. Aug 23, Last Visited: What was it that the pot called the kettle? The hardest thing i found was how traniee get the non-lifting injector working whilst adjusting the stoker jets and calling out the sticks. Cafe Connex is a social enterprise and training cafe that has been created by UnitingCare Wesley Country SA with initial funding from the Jobs Fund to create a supportive space for people with barriers to obtain experience in the work force as a step towards mainstream employment.

You would think with your vast 18 year experience they would most certainly take you on. You seem affronted by this, but are doing exactly the same with regard to the companies.

Reel co-operative, in fact. Basically, if drivers like myself didn’t work Trrainee, they would be stuffed. No doubt we’ll see some headline like “Trainee Drivers Fast-tracked” and some flimsy article informing the public about how our drivers aren’t getting trained properly.

Oct 11, Last Visited: Good luck grim, Many have tried to elicitate responses from trainees, like yourself, but with no response. I have replied to their frainee email asking specific reasons, so will let you know of any further progress. As I said, Connex has been co-operative. This is an open opportunity if i’ve ever seen one.

Also why are they asking me what race I am ie: Perhaps the companies are really secret societies, cinnex advantage may be in belonging to the VRI or your local Masonic Lodge But I’ve been told if you have previous driving experience to ring up Connex’s head office as you will get a job direct with them rather than been stuffed around tralnee some stupid consultancy connexx who wouldn’t know what a train is if it hit them!!!


Need to find out where they are trained. Aug 11, Last Visited: One trainee, Aaron, has since had his Supported Wage Assessment reassessed and has improved in his productivity levels and has even been nominated for trainee of the year alongside another trainee, Deb.

If you’d like your news to be delivered via public relations companies, then good on you, mate.

Connex Trainee Drivers

They run special football trains between Tralnee Bermondsey and London Bridge when Millwall are at home, full up with pissed punters, my only hope is that when I am on this run that they won. Wyatt believes that individuals of all abilities should be offered opportunities to participate in the workforce as this often directly correlates to an increase in self-esteem, financial wellbeing and social inclusion.

Mar 28, Last Visited: Sounds a bit fishy Fishy?