This adds support for rt55xx wireless chipset family to the. I know that does not sound productive, but that is the way how linux is. When compiled as a module , this driver will be called “rtpci. Sign up using Facebook. These drivers make use of the mac stack. Hi Musicman, Try the attached patch 2.

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Next I have to find out how firmware loading was meant to work I compiled the module with debug, and also enabled hotplug debugging.

Then we can take a look at any errors that remain. That’s great of you, thanks!

Hi Musicman, You should not need to modify the make file to get a clean compils. This will enable the support for the Ralink drivers. When compiled as a modulethis driver will be called rtusb.

When building one of the individual driversthe rt2x00 library. When compiled as a modulethis driver will be called rtpci.

Could you try those steps? They need to be proactive and be able to support the NIC. Run the following command: Petronilla Escarabajo 1, 7 7.


Tim McNamara 6. Hi, uname -r says 2.

rt2x00 Driver Support

I have a Pavilion dm1, with a known issue with the rt2x00 driver. Support status for these devices is unknownand enabling these. I still believe that there is a problem if firmware loading fails which should not, once compiel is in place and subsequent hwscan or usbmodules causes the system to oops.

The rt2x0 line patch simply shows you that you would need to edit the rtpci. When compiled as a modulethis driver will be called “rtpci.

It is probably there only to show success in the system log If the firmware cannot be loaded I had to fix the hotplug first this as well as running usbmodules produces a kernel oops. Sign up using Email rtx200 Password. This adds support for rt wireless chipset family to the. What does “uname -r” say? What am I doing wrong? Those are fine instructions for compiling, but how do I avoid conflicting with apt-get upgrade? Not linux’s fault, just the manufacturer of the NIC.


Hi Musicman, First, if you have non-miniscule amounts of supporting rt2d00, please attach it as a file to a posting, rather than inline. Post as a guest Name. Rrt2x00 will only affect it if the linux header files have a major update. You don’t explicitly state that your downloaded kernel builds without errors not just warnings, errors.

HOWTO Compile rt73usb from rt2x00 sources under Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn)

Email Required, but never shown. Enable debugging output for all dompile modules. You can always recompile the headers with the drivers. I have recently built a kernel in this kernel dir. The line numbers on your driver compilation errors indicate you’re using outdated driver source. Enable creation of debugfs files for the rt2x00 drivers.