Would appreciate if anyone could answer my concern. As premium user, you can show all changes of each contact look for the clock icon on contact edit screen. Is there a way to sync contacts from the desktop version of phonecopy? Login by email entered during registration will be available in one of the upcoming versions of the app. SIM card has limited memory.

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I have a lot of contacts which only has email address. Media was sent from Samsung S5, restored to Huawei Mate 20 lite. In case you are Cloudfkne user you will get it synchronized back to your phone then. Cloudfone Next Infinity Lowest Price: It looks your request is not related to PhoneCopy.

CloudFone ICE e Hard Reset

Can you explain how you used PhoneCopy before? Download our latest android application and confirm prompt message when you will be asked for SMS sync. You really do not need to install WebView at the first run it was ok, so it was already installed. How can we get in contact?


Forgot to say that after Upgrade, i only get error Message, and i se that there is 2 acounts With sms. Already deleted excess sms. Hi thanks Just a recommendation- maybe you should highlight the recommended one in the app logon page, it might save a few support calls! This is Best method to recover your mobile password. My old phone died, i haven’t got backed up, but i had to set up synch, now i have new phone, all numbers are GONE, if not sych, i’l be dead.

Answered via personal email. Answered via private mail.

Free apps download for Cloudfone ICE 350e

Is it possible to subscribe to Premium monthly and not yearly? Thank you, we will check it. Moreover, the connectivity and camera feature is rich enough to bring good market.

I hope you can assist me in this regard. When you will exceed number of contacts again, your account will be automatically blocked again. Related Items dual sim long battery life smartphone tv.

Which phone doesn’t work for you?

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How do I change the password to unlock cloudrone screen? You can use the check-box in the upper-left corner of the list to change selection of all displayed contacts, also clicking with Shift or Ctrl works as expected.


Cookies help us deliver our services. I’m using the free version so can you please tell me why this is failing when I have less than the contacts allowed? Here is guide for Android Backup Data. Please do not use bad words in our discussion 530e.

You received message about Premium because you don’t fit to limits for free account: I’m confused about why the other phone linked to phone copy works fine? I Wonder if i Upgrade to Premium, will that restore deleted and sendt sms before 30 days?

Yes it is free application. I have contacts data in my mail id also.

P2, Smartphone, Android 6. Hard Reset also known as a factory data reset or master resetis the restoration process of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory.