Anyway – I won’t be able to do this until at least tonight or tomorrow, but would love to see what it does, good or bad. All these factors make it very important for applications to support UAC to guarantee a smooth Vista user experience. Purusha , Feb 6, One or two specific questions for right. Driver level optimizations — more efficient access to drivers, minimizing driver state transitions 4. Vista for Audio, 1 Year Later: Will we see these improvements in Project5?

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I guess the best path is to just consider the source and veracity of the information and then treat it with consideration it deserves. I guess Core audio does now support Viista RT. Now it’s Microsoft’s turn.

Ableton Forum • View topic – WaveRT or ASIO driver for LAYLA3G on Vista 64bit?

You can’t sell a system to a professional studio if you don’t know for sure that it’s going to work. I not are bad guy Mr Moderator, just want product work ok Noel, Thanks for the reply.

Vista scales to the hardware capabilities of the computer on which it is installed, so all computers that meet minimal hardware requirements will have Aero enabled.

Lets start with some basics, What computer hardware are we talking about? For those who may happen to know nothing on WaveRT, it is the new audio format Vista brings in and so far, it looks like it is a very cool thing. Fundamental changes were on the way: Find out why that maybe, then lets have a point by point discussion on the matter shall we? Microsoft launched beta for developers around 1 year ago Thanks for the in depth information.


Another promising area is bit computing.

Vista WaveRT. NOT.

Native Instruments NI is a world-famous brand among music producers, be them producers and sound engineers or even artists themselves; they NI offer a very broad range of sound technology applications from the smallest to the biggest, covering almost any need one might have sound-related, obviously.

The bottom line is that while delivering very good Vista support, Native Instruments won’t have the WaveRT covered, at least not until it becomes heavily popular hence more gear and software made according to the WaveRT specs or one of the following happens: We pointed out the flaws before Vista shipped. So, I took off the new driver and put the old one back on. All can lead to glitches. The new driver functionality that is relevant to Vista is WaveRT. Anyway – Been waiting for the whole WaveRt thing to surface to see what it offers.

Driver level optimizations — more efficient access to drivers, minimizing driver state transitions 4.


For a good deal xakewalk the cards around it may not be practical or possible to do WaveRT. Again, it wasn’t just that it performed strangely, it simply said “not available” for all the rates This is the preferred driver type for Vista. In there was another conference.

Why Vista sounds worse | Technology | The Guardian

A WaveRT driver passes audio to the hardware with low latency and minimal interference. SO, i wanted to buy a NI audiocard. One or two specific questions for right. The Aero feature in Vista provides visual effects such as glass-like translucent window elements that you can see through.

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Not including open source projects, are any of the major audio hardware manufacturers supporting WaveRT right now? All very interesting – thanks for posting the data. I’d love to hear if anyone else has different experiences or same, really. Oliver perhaps you may have noticed that Traktor as an application couples to the software interface for the soundcard in use by the system.

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