This is for a ZTe modem. Seeing as how you didnt mention hardware I have no idea if this relates. I am quite sure that something is limiting the connection speed. I donno about the password thing, it is my friends BSNL evdo card, i was playing with and he gave me two numbers, which I almost memorized due to multiple trial and errors on a sunday to make it work , Btw, I tried in Fedora 13 to check if it detects the card automatically, but nope, it does not. My dmesg tail works o.

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This link should help you to configure it via terminal.

Everything works fine till Step 6-ish. We have usb-modeswitch and gnome-ppp wvdial frontend ready. Any help on this?? The instructions say to slide to uncover the RUIM slot, but theres nothing to slide on the stick! Once this is done click on Connect!!!

How to Install and Configure BSNL EVDO in Ubuntu or Linux Mint-2

Gaurav K July 3, at 8: Untick Wait for dial tone. I don’t have internet connection in Ubuntu. I think, if you wait for another month and try Fedora 15 or latest Ubuntu Natty Narwhalthis should work.


Well thanks for the detailed description Sankaran. Configuring Bsnl evdo on Linux. Thanks a lot Sankaran. Check if your modem is configured libux a modem instead of a storage device using dmesg. Do not press connect, press setup and do the following. Hope you will enjoy your evdo connection in Ubuntu. Common, it is linux, help yourself. I am attaching a link of an error page too.

Ihave got aproblem that i lost the network connection autoeth0 unable to connect net. Can you please let me know if you have any idea on how to solve this? No such file or directory”!


You should press your thumb on the flat region, with screws facing sky, usb tip facing you, thumb facing against your body. Josua Dietze August 20, at Reconnecting requires unplugging the device and plugging it back before redialling using gnome-ppp or wvdial.

ScorpFromHell May 28, at 7: February 10th, at 9: Followed your above instruction and downloaded gnome-ppp. ATQ0 V1 E1 — and failed too atgiving linxu.


Connecting to internet using an EVDO modem on Linux

I am quite sure that something is limiting the connection speed. Goto step 2 and check if your USB device gets detected or not. Sankaran Raman July 7, at I have a usb port on my tab. Configuring Bsnl evdo on Linux Hi, I am using mint gloria.

Just use NetworkManager for the purpose. Neeraj November 22, at 2: Tags for this Thread bsnl evdo.