Pre programmed to most regionally used satellites. Note that you can select up to a maximum of 32 satellite data lines for any one configuration. Use this professional meter for all your installations. Also check our Satellite Meter Kit Bundles. Keep the meter and LNB if practical warm until time for use. You can use this if you want to download a smaller file, but you will have to unzip it. Easy reading LCD display.

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A pop-up screen will appear on your computer indicating that a Download is available.

Birdog USB Plus: Signal Finders | eBay

This is perfect for new laptops or PCs that do not come with any serial ports. Note that you can select up to a maximum of 32 satellite data lines for any one configuration.

Choose a location on your computer for the. Improve your service call efficiency and speed. You will need to reassign the adapter to a Com Port 1 through 4 by accessing the Ports in your computer’s Device Manager.

Birdog USB V Satellite Signal Meter Finder – Positive Horizon

This verifies the cable connection. Select “Download Your File” and, on the next screen, press the “Save” button. The “Download Complete” screen will appear next, press the “Close” button and then select “Close Window”.

The list of satellites supported below is subject to change birdob advance notice. Once you have the.


This s atellite identification Meter usv an innovative professional satellite identification and alignment meter. You should temporarily “enable” pop-ups if you have them disabled in your browser window as this site uses them to present menus that guide you through the download process.

Note that the previous satellite menu configuration in the BirDog will be overwritten by your new configuration. Don’t waste your valuable time or money on cheaper analog meters.

You should be comfortable with Zipped files and capable of that procedure if you make this selection.

We recommend to keep the meter battery charged as high as possible in extreme weather. Battery is guaranteed not to be DOA Dead on arrival, i.

With the purchase of this meter you will be able to download satellite information and update your BIRDOG via the web very easy and takes about 2 minutes. Press the “Transfer” button and the self-enclosed file list from the download will now upload into your BirDog.

Birdog replacement or extra battery. Time is valuable, ush waste it!

Birdog USB Plus

This digital satellite meter will maximize the number installations any installer can perform in a day and is very easy to use. If you lose your Birdog power cord, you can order one here. What used to take half an hour to an hour now takes a few minutes to find and peak the birdgo


Also check our Satellite Meter Kit Bundles. Simply Check the “Create Zipped exe file” box. USB to Serial Converter: Keep the meter and LNB if practical warm until time for use.

This device is easy to operate.

Why drag a TV and satellite receiver to the roof, when you can do the whole job with just a small and easy to carry tool like this! May vary in color between black and gray. The signal strength and picture quality BER meter will speed up and improve your dish installation. While most pointing devices only give you a general idea that there are indeed satellites in the sky and allow you to peak the signal, the BIRDOG takes you one step further by positively identifying the satellite.

Indicates raw signal level and digital data error rates at the same time for best dish alignment and cross polarity adjustment. See return policy about batteries. Listening to signal tone and changing antenna direction makes it easy and quick to find the best signal reception.