O-Ren Ishii has this horrible past, [Vernita Green] just wants to be a mom, the Bride has been abused, but my character is just bad all the way through, there’s nothing to like about her, and you’re going to hate her so much. Elle has no problem with the killing of Pai Mei or Budd, or killing Kiddo, even when Kiddo was comatose. During this period, he regularly took sexual advantage of The Bride, raping her unconscious body and later also prostituting her to other male clients. As the reality of this sinks in, Vernita pleads silently not to continue this in front of her daughter. Now that the requisite 10 years the writer-director said the project would need have passed, however, the issue is very ripe for review once again. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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After a protracted fight in Budd’s trailer, Elle was defeated by Beatrix, who snatched out her other eye, rendering her completely blind.

List of Kill Bill characters – Wikipedia

A finer example is also shown how she poisoned Pai Mei as revenge for taking her eye, rather than face him an actual fight. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

She narrowly misses hitting The Bride with shotgun fire. She remembers that Sofie was present during the El Paso massacre, and while she did not assist in beating The Bride, she did answer her ringing phone, while callously ignoring the injured Bride and the rest of the carnage, The Bride captures Sofie at the House of Blue Leaves and brings her to O-Ren Ishii, The Bride then cuts off Sofie’s left arm the arm she holds her phone with as a means of both exacting revenge on her and showing Ishii her intentions for a duel.

Retrieved from ” https: During a training session, Elle insults Pai Mei as a “miserable old fool”. In the first version of the script, Gordon Liu’s character speaks Cantonese while Quentin Tarantino dubs his voice in English, but this had a bad outcome.


Later, Sofie Fatale is captured by The Bride and taken to the main hall of the restaurant, where The Bride calls O-Ren, who appears with her bodyguards, The Bride reveals herself to O-Ren, cutting off Sofie’s arm, horrifying the other guests who flee the restaurant, The Bride kills countless Crazy 88s and Gogo, finally meeting O-Ren in a garden scene atop the club. Elle agreed and showed up at Budd’s trailer the next day.

Complete Cast for Kill Bill: Although the soundtrack has been silent until now, as they stand off and talk an odd, tribal music kicks in.

Her fighting style is a combination of wushu techniques using chain whip and rope dart or meteor hammer. After the terrified crowd stampedes out, the Bride is alone with her enemies.

Kill Bill Volume 2 : Trailer Fight Scene – Beatrix Kiddo Vs Elle Driver HD Version

They belong to me now. The animosity at play here is truly palpable and the violence is uncompromising.

So it is an interesting, and indeed admirable choice that Tarantino made to tone things down once the Bride enters the garden, rather than trying to top it. But before The Bride battles and defeats her, she must first confront and bring down her associates one by one.

The two opponents take careful consideration before every clash of blades, and the result is close cs what we saw in the climactic Rob Roy fight: Retrieved from ” http: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Elle has proven herself multiple times to be ellf coward, in the fact that she uses underhanded methods in winning a fight, as well as how she tried to kill Beatrix while she was comatose and when Budd incapacitated her.

The Bride Kill Bill. She almost never stops moving, and with seemingly every other sword movement she takes down an opponent either fatally or by removing a limb. She uses the truck during her scenes in the United States during Volume 1, but in Volume 2 says that it has broken down and she has thus acquired another vehicle. Quentin Tarantino told MTV News back in that the third installment decidedly would not be called “Kill Bill” since, ya know, Bill has been axed or so we think.


Bill himself put a bullet in her head, leaving her for dead in her own wedding dress. The Bride collects her sword and leaves Elle writhing in pain and fury. Gogo yanks it tight to keep her from escaping, and slowly pulls up the slack in order to choke her enemy to death.

Kill Bill « Grading Fight Scenes

Johnny Mo is most prominently featured in the “House of Blue Leaves” scene. He was the only other male Deadly Viper Squad member and, since the assassination squad’s disbandment, adopted a redneck -like lifestyle. When The Middo finally does find Budd, he is prepared for her sneak attack, bratrix her with rock salt from a double-barreled shotgun making him the only Deadly Viper to single-handedly defeat The Bride and buries her alive later described as a ‘Texas funeral’.

The ending credits have a question mark over her name. And what she does is get revenge, at any cost. Once she’d murdered the crime boss, O-Ren killed his two bodyguards and escaped, later becoming an expert assassinproficient in marksmanship and sword fightingrising through the ranks to become one of the world’s top female assassins at the age of twenty.

She arrives just as Elle opens the door, and greets her with a flying double kick.