I have a very strange situation here. Few clouds and showers. Seems like I may as well not have a UPS at all? Skip to content There are two different ways to monitor a UPS with nut: Find your UPS model on the NUT hardware compatibility list and substitute the corresponding driver for usbhid-ups above. Any other ways of using the for FreeNAS 9. The first udevadm-line the one before the trigger contains a typo:

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[Nut-upsuser] Powerware 5115 USB Issue

When I do sudo upsdrvctl start I got: Did you try other drivers? Have you tried the manual troubleshooting steps? However, while setting things up to work with my serial port ttyS0I noticed that the above commands: Great article, but bcmdcp an update for Jaunty. Some parameter got chopped out of my reply. Please advise where and what is the problem?

bcmxcp_usb (8) – Linux Man Pages

Maybe that is the key? I used it in the past to get nut working with a Powerware on Hardy. The first udevadm-line the one before the trigger contains a typo: Replace apc usv whatever you named your UPS. Finally got it working.


bcmxcp(8) – Linux man page

Hi all, First of all, it is a great tutorial and read a lot of comment. Does it use a serial connection? The comments contain useful information on getting it working. Since these files contain sensitive data, we should fix the permissions:.

It’s listed on http: This would help newbees like me a lot… Especially when this site is refered in nut pages http: Finally, we can make sure that nut properly detects the UPS:.

PowerwareUPSin – Community Help Wiki

Never did get around to getting a proper serial port on my windows machine. BUT when I do: Thanks again for the help. I had a similar problem a while ago and it was just a flaky driver. It should read udevadm control —reload-rules no underscore in —reload-rules.

I plugged everything and fired it back up, only to experience nagging messages through the console about lost communications with the UPS. Permission denied Apr 2 No such file or directory allowfrom in upsd.


I didn’t find it at first because I was looking under “Eaton”; I didn’t realize that drivers for this line of UPSs are also under “Powerware. No more ACLs either. You must log in or register to reply here. Hi Guys, I found that some problems are related to this issue: Got it working again: Guys, Looks like everything is working on my system until I get message in the end that UPS in uneveilable.

I think I found the driver: But then at the final:.