I don’t mean those are horrible distros, and probably there are solutions for the problems I found, but I’m lazy and didn’t bother to investigate any further. The project is working on getting the kernel to run on 64 bit Windows and I’m all for supporting that. Luckily the release notes that were on the firefox update page were enough to teach me how to do it from the terminal console. Unfortunately, this is the only method I found whereby the drivers actually worked without crashing the computer upon reboot. My camera and mic even work with Skype.

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If your WLAN networking hardware mine uses the B43 chipset isn’t natively supported by Open Source drivers, the Ubuntu setup system should offer you the choice to mandrlva the proprietary drivers instead.

ATI Mobility Radeon Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

However, these drivers should be removable once the install is done. If you want to conform to one distro, that’d end up being what everyone choose to conform to. Then I backed my work and re-installed from scratch and tried the previous poster recomended. Note that glxgears isn’t a benchmark tool, it’s so simple that its FPS values is without any meaning I have had my problems with the video.

Will wait for the experts to find a fix to these errors. Most minor issues I experienced with the previous edition were solved. Debian Testing Amd64 Posts: For more 9200 that might be playable and a list of all games and graphics cards mzndriva our Gaming List.


My experience upgrading from to – Everything Linux –

Do not restart Computer when asked, instead remove ati2dvrag. Basic Flash functionality worked almost immediately: Still supported with good Linux support. The install seemed to take longer than normal, and I installed from scratch which means the drive was over ,obility and all data was destroyed I back up my data.

In December, Debian testing will freeze and the bugs will get solved by both Ubuntu and Debian developers, which is a great cooperation. Lua has been also been added to the release.

Ato you familiar with Window Maker? Regarding the guest account; I added one other user, so when I removed the quest account, it removed everyone from the login screen. With the “Karmic Koala” release behind them, the Ubuntu developers have now mobilitg on to the next challenge: And, I made a comment that I had “erased” my hard drive beforw installing, What I meant is that I used the partition manager to remove all partitions before installing 9.

I’ve personally experienced continuous progress since then, speed bumps notwithstanding. Remember, Windows and OS X also gained plenty of bugs in the past whenever they had major revisions XP was once a mess too, remember?

I have the ancient 3DFX “Voodoo” working at x now.

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More experienced administrators should also feel at home as complex items generally have an Advanced section, allowing for further fine tuning of the operating system. Finally, we don’t know the ratio of installations to downloads whether installed as single-boot, dual. Join our community today!


Do you want to use GRUB legacy forever? I also used the Ubuntu Software center to get VLC media Player installed, haven’t tested that yet but I found it is now easier to find the software I want. Running Linux is just for fun, no practical use. Updating display base addresses My initial experience was good. 920

Nor were there any stability issues. Anyway I’m sure that some people has had some real problems with the latest Ubuntu but I don’t believe most of the FUD that is being spread around by the Ubuntu haters.

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People need to try things for them self’s. Originally Posted by gypsumwolf. But since we were creating a new client from whole cloth, and with the experience of two KDE 3 clients and nm-applet to work from, we decided to improve on existing designs to make it as usable as possible.