No more [Alt]-tabbing, and no more stacking windows so that only one or two are visible at the same time! Do you use social media — such as Facebook or Twitter updates, YouTube videos, or discussion forums — for work-related purposes? However, the biggest difference between professional and consumer cards is their driver set and software support. First off, we have the mighty V Having said that, I have had some requests to include Cinebench tests in my various reviews — so congratulations, Cinebench: Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. I elected to omit those test results, considering them to be unreliable with this driver version.

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Well, the more RAM on the card, the more intensive the computations that can be performed. The V has stream figepro, one bit memory interface, and a Once again, we have the V and V in the lead, tying for first place.

ATI FirePro V | Cadalyst

In conclusion AMD has quite the powerful line-up of professional graphics cards, from high-end monsters all the way down to its entry-level contenders. Overall verdict Before I sign off, I want to give my overall impressions of each of the new FirePro cards.

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Although I can’t award the Highly Recommended rating without comparable scores from at least two benchmark tests, the results I did achieve for the ATI FirePro V indicate that it’s a worthwhile option to consider.


Could u please confirm that driver version The software is quite promising, and I will be looking at the newest version here in the near future. The 10 best VFX and animation breakdowns v500 Watch the best tech breakdown videos of the year, as chosen by ourFacebook followers.

With Mudbox, the professional graphics cards really set themselves apart from the consumer cards, as the software likes having lots of RAM on the video card.

No more [Alt]-tabbing, and no more stacking windows so that only one or two are visible at the same time! Next, we have the V I think the V is the card that will appeal to most DCC professionals, including modelers, texture artists and animators.

autkcad For example, in the current crop of GPU-accelerated raytracers, the entire 3D scene must fit within the memory of the graphics card in order for the card to be used to help with the rendering process. This gives the V a tremendous advantage in memory bandwidth over the V All exclusively from Cadalyst!

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All ATI professional graphic products come with three-year warranty coverage. Please help me understand or supply me the correct link, i used: While consumer hardware is tuned more towards fill rate and shader calculations, pro cards are tuned for 3D operations such as geometry transformations and vertex matrices, as aati as better performance under GPGPU APIs such as OpenCL and DirectCompute.

This page was generated in 0, seconds. These performance numbers are excellent, well above what I have seen in the augocad for mid-range graphics cards. You plug them all into your V or V and… hey, check it out: Please enter a title.


In contrast, standard DCC apps usually run to million polygons for complex scene files. This is quite the monster, and I have found very few situations where I felt I needed more speed out of the graphics hardware.

ATI FirePro V5800

Autodesk – Certified Hardware. So do DCC users really need this many monitors? Free volumetric system generates good-looking animatable clouds in atu time inside Unreal Engine.

First off, we have the mighty V Its MB of RAM also limits it when using digital sculpting tools as even light-to-moderate scenes can easily exceed MB, and once that happens, performance degrades significantly. The results seen here for the Maya benchmarks are similar to those seen with the 3ds Max tests: Display connectors DisplayPort quickly becoming the connector of choice for professional graphics cards for a number of good reasons, including physically smaller connectors, better signal integrity and the ability to go beyond the current resolutions for future super-high resolution displays.

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