This card has been nothing short of perfect. I like the convenience of modern trappings this is certain, and Paragon utilities is another thing that I am constantly using for one thing or another, Partition Manager I dont really care about benchmarks anymore, but I really dont want to have to wait a lot longer for my games to load. Thanks for the reply! Thanks for the info, and again, real sorry I couldent help ya with any benches with this card. Any input would be appeciated! Will I notice any difference in real world use?

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Not doughting ya, but just curious.

Pistoj Doulos Unum Pluribus. This card has been nothing short of perfect. Thats arc-12100 not gonna come in real handy for me as a OS drive.

Thinking of removing my Areca ARC Raid Card, Can an X max out two X SSD’s? – EVGA Forums

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Will I notice any difference in real world use? So it’s really convenient. I think I will remove winvows card then, if its not going to benifit me in boot up times, or load times in games, I might just be happier without it.

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If I get some time, I will run some for ya when I get it up and going and pm them to ya! I like the neat look of my rig right now. 77


For normal people and uses the standard bus is adequate this is true In RAID5, when rebuilding a drive, the ICH10R also sucks because it relies on the CPU to do the job while a hardware controller would take care of the rebuild with little impact on the performance of the other drives.

Everything else in my case is neatly tucked away. The problem I have is that it makes the inside of my case look not so good.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I always wondered about that stuff! I am not using my computer as a movie server so Not a single raid issue what so ever the two years I have used it, and the performance is great.

The ICH10R is far from being a slouch. You are really extreme rexrzer. Im on my secondary gaming pc now because I have my main pc kind of torn apart.

Thinking of removing my Areca ARC-1210 Raid Card, Can an X-58 max out two X-25 SSD’s?

Not exactly true rexzer So there’s minimal fuss and bother–but yes, the install is not for the faint of heart either. I just do what I have to do, that is all, and the Areca IX-8 was a good investment for my purposes 18 areac ago, and it’s still serving me well after 2 firmware and BIOS updates during the time I’ve had it working in my PC. I messed around with them quite a bit. I really only did it to increase the OS partition size.

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I personally actually have 4 drives and I have the freaking DMI saturated. I am a bit too lazy to put it in there and reinstall everything. KMoore 2 x25 m’s on the onboard will get yo about3 arc-121 get you about Cloning my necessary OS and app volumes is the way to go, you know what I am saying?

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Now burst performance is another story, in Burst this thing is something like 4. Thanks for the info, and again, real sorry I couldent help ya with any benches with this card. Two arec not get you maxed out.

User Control Panel Log out. Here is the card I have: