This is the pin mapping of the board: It leaves the interpretation of that value to the driver. You’d still need to use BCM18 for the hardware connection. There may be other use-cases that I’m not aware of of course. Log in to post comments Bringing Android closer to the mainline. Have a look at my pigpio , or servoblaster, or the RPIO.

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They are provided from many kinds of chipand are familiar. See Greg KH blog post on -staging for 2.

Some systems support both types. Posted Dec 21, 1: In the course of development, Google developers made some changes to the Linux kernel. So this seems to be unnecessary duplication. The amount of changes is not extremely large, and is on the order of changes that are customarily made to the Linux kernel by embedded developers approximately patches, with about 3 meg.

You’d androdi need to use BCM18 for the hardware connection.

Bringing Android closer to the mainline []

I’ve added a schematic of it that I can’t understand. Some changes were temporarily added at the “staging” driver area in the stock kernel, but ggpio removed due to lack of support.


Writing a number of milliseconds causes the gpio to be asserted for that long, then tpio. Reading returns the remaining time before the output will be deasserted.

Android Kernel Features

This is sometimes called a “wire-AND” ; or more practicallyfrom the negative. Alsobidirectional data bus signals sometimes use open drain signals.

One common example of an open drain signal is a shared active – low IRQ line. If it did, a leds-hrgpio driver could be written or an extension to the current driver rather than a new class. The talk has a somewhat misleading name.

These properties are met through all the other documents of the GPIO interface. Programmable logic devices like FPGAs can easily.

CONFIG_ANDROID_TIMED_GPIO: Android timed gpio driver

That’ s not necessarily an error. A pullup or pulldown resistor causes the high or low signal level. See Waking Systems from Suspend and http: That might be useful for other leds as well. When you need open drain signaling but your hardware doesn’ t directly. It leaves the interpretation of that value to the driver.

pi 3 – Android Things: Any way to PWM on GPIO 20? – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Board schematics show which external hardware connects to. If the time-remaining was really important, then a ‘one-shot’ led-trigger could be written rather than a whole new class which reported the time remaining. Probably I’m going to damage something, but that’s why I’m asking. Bringing Android closer to the mainline Posted Jan 6, Posted Dec 21, 7: The exact capabilities of GPIOs andorid between systems.


Is there any other safe and easy solution that can help me with this problem? It restores the power causing the XU4 to gipo up when the signal wire closes again car starts back up.

It is natural to assume that a GPIO is “active” when its output signal is 1. Can you stick a probe on that line and see what is being output.

Bringing Android closer to the mainline Posted Dec 20,