With a design that would be equally at home in an industrial art museum or on the desk of a corporate officer, this desktop replacement offers performance with style. The Aream may be a high-end machine with graphics-processing superpowers, but it is also a fashion statement. I use it as a daily driver at work now, have it with me in the messenger bag when I hang out with friends at coffee, and dock it as a desktop at home in the evenings. Access millions of IT and business decision makers. Unfortunately, the system’s battery can barely keep up with all of this power. After a considerable amount of reading and research, I realized I was far more into computers now than four years ago.

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But although it was already available in the USA for quite a while, it is just now finally coming to Europe. I was pretty put down reading about all of the negative comments about the m15x.

Alienware’s Aream: A Future-Proof Laptop Arrives

This is one mean machine. Alienware Area m Review Source: Ultimately, however, this high-performance system is meant to be left on a desk, which means the short battery life and hot underside aren’t as detrimental as they would be in, say, thin-and-light Centrino-powered machines. Everyone was impressed by its looks and its performance, including us. I’m very happy with my aydio.

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Alienware Area-51M 766SN3 Parts and accessories

It isn’t cheap, but the full complement of gaming and multimedia features makes it the only PC you’ll need for years to come. The laptop aduio no option for a TV tuner, so it can’t double as a portable TV like the Qosmio and Pavilion notebooks.


This machine is so nicely designed that it will raise eyebrows and draw lots of attention wherever you go. The Alienware M has a select user base. Single Review, online available, Long, Date: It is a heavyweight contender that can perform well in the world of desktops — and it is beautifully designed.

We initially areaa both cards on the system using PassMark’s Performance Test software.

Alienware Area Series – External Reviews

As noted before, there are obvious implications qrea why we shouldn’t be comparing a notebook to a desktop system, but having that said, we feel that the comparison needs to be made. Even so, 60 Hz translates to 60 screen updates per second, which falls well within the good-enough category.

Just as I was about to settle with an SLI machine without dual core, Alienware’s newest juggernaut came along: Page 1 of 1. One of the benefits of the machine — in contrast to traditional laptops — is that you can upgrade the graphics subsystem when new chipsets become available.

It also improves the online reading experience by adding a distraction-free mode and read-it-later functionality. VERY impressed at the speed it came.

Alienware Area m Source: I’ll never buy another Alienware again. The Machine came installed with Vista and one gtx enabled, from this out of the box setup i had a 3dmark 06 score of 6, Time was to get Xp onto it and see the full power, had a little trouble getting xp on without a usb floppydrive but managed it by adding the RAID drivers to the XP CD.


The Aream is available in several colors in addition to the silver model we reviewed.

Xbox integration allows for PC players to match up against Xbox One players on supported games, and if you have an Xbox One, you can even stream compatible titles to your PC. PC World The only potential downer here, besides the laptop’s price, is that all of the LED lighting that helps you customize your machine also makes the top of the display feel a little flimsy.

IT Reviews You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to be an admirer of Alienware’s computers but there’s no denying their otherworldly designs make arex hairs rise on the back of your neck when you take the machines out the box.

Alienware’s Area-51m: A Future-Proof Laptop Arrives

Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: Then we compared the Aream with leading desktops from several major manufacturers. PC Advisor If you can arez it and you have the muscles to carry it about, the Alienware Area 51 m15x is quite simply the quickest and best gaming laptop we’ve seen. Alienware Area M Review Source: Reg Hardware One word can describe the Alienware Area m Some technologies are inherently good, and some are inherently arsa.