The smart card reader is marked as defective, and it is not recognized by the service until it is removed from the computer and reinserted or until the computer is restarted. Only when I restart my laptop, the moment when I log in to Windows 10, if I insert card it will work, but the moment I eject it and try it again or just try another card it won’t work. An attempt to add a Plug and Play smart card reader failed. Smart Card Technical Reference. Microsoft Windows 10 bit.

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The following three attributes are used to construct the smart card reader name: An attempt to add a Plug and Play smart card reader failed. The Smart Card resource manager does not use the device name from Device Manager to describe a smart card reader. This prevents the service from managing the smart card reader that was cars.

Instead, the name is constructed from three device attributes that are queried directly from the smart card reader driver. I try this, but, unforunately, it didn’t work. I have the same question. There is also a new BIOS https: To resolve this error message, try to add the device again or restart the computer.


SmartCard Reader Driver Installation by Alcor Micro – Should I Remove It?

If you have a question, please create a new topic by clicking here. Currently, this error is sent after a reader does not respond for seconds. For example ‘Contoso Smart Card Reader 0’ is constructed from the following information: I alco drivers for Windows 10 are messy. A smart card reader did not properly respond to a request for information about the device, which is required for constructing the smart card reader name.

Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. Restarting the computer may resolve this issue. Microsoft Windows 10 bit. Message 1 of 6.

Smart card reader is not working properly – HP Support Community –

You cannot use the smart card reader until the issue is resolved. Didn’t find what you were looking fmv Choose the type you’d like to provide: This occurs when a smart card reader fails several times to respond properly to the IOCTL, which indicates whether a smart card is present in the reader. The following sections describe the events and information that can be used to manage smart cards in an organization.


This can indicate hardware failure, but this error can also occur if a smart card or smart card reader is removed from the system while an operation is in progress. What should I do? After I eject the carf and put it back again, the reader is not responding.

SmartCard Reader Driver Installation

Keep in mind that with every card, I: The smart card may be defective. This is an internal unrecoverable error that indicates a failure carx the smart card service.

There are no open issues. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. There are two smart card readers that have the same name.

Restart PC, insert card, fmv until Windows recognize it and than use it 2. The reader may no longer be responding. The service cannot open a communication channel with the smart card reader.