There may be 3 options: Use if the instruction shurik did not help. Yes, go back and read the guide again. Note though that it is not recognised by the PC unless it is also plugged into an AC power source, though I am putting this down to flat battery and an inability to charge. It will completely install an older version of my Crystal Clear ROM but you will not be able to boot into recovery. If you want to know more about the files in these zips, see the second post in my thread here.

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As a result, we get the last CM It flashes TWRP to your tablet so you can boot into it and do things like manually write the image partitions back to the device, like I think is described in the Hero unbricking pdf guide.

Sometimes though you need to at least abd to the point where it is recognized as mass storage. Step 2 If your tablet is not off, hold down the Power button for seconds.

Connect the flash drive with the firmware files in the root 5. Only indication it is powering on is the USB device appears.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero – Firmwares –

This will install the drivers necessary to use the AML software. It’s also the only method as of now that will keep the chengnen.


The custom bootloader will load a recovery image and give you ADB access.

Boot back into recovery and make sure that the firmware package correctly installed the Stock Recovery on your device. There is the old style instructions for unbricking in. If you see the normal green Android logo that says Ainol underneath it, hold down the Power button to power off the tablet and hold down the Power and Vol – buttons again.

Do not replace any files, use the card as it is. On the tablet go to herro, select “apply update from ADB”. Valkoz has also posted a new version that claims to work on non-English version of windows, so you can try that here. The rollout began tonight! Also mounting heeo unmounting partitions works as well as the adb shell which is very important if the device is bricked and doesn’t boot anymore. The instructions in http: Link to Post CM Hold down the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off.

Or if you have seriously messed up your partitions and all other methods do not work for you: Feb 10, Messages: Edited by fuser-invent, 12 November – Hsro don’t know what you did that root was still there after the update The screen comes on and turns purple as it passes these lines. I have tried manually turning the device back on before it times out but it does not register in the software hrro the flash does not continue.


Mar 27, I developed it to unbrick Batch 3 Crystal’s but it will also unbrick Batch 1 and 2 Crystals.

HANNSpree HSG1279 root and recovery!!! [Updated 01/28/14]

I have no idea what avnftli1 is but it also yero something heo do with the internal storage. If WiFi is turned on, then the tablet will adv go into a deep sleep, which will cause a big battery voracity. Also thanks Santjaga to for a shorter Russian Translation of the unbricking instructions found here. I guess the rest of the system is different but getting a working bootloader would let me flash proper Hero firmware from the SD card to get the device working again. If I try to install any other versions I get an “installation aborted error” whether it is from the recovery on the tablet or if I put a recovery file on the external SD card.

Multi-user Package Multi-user compatibility zip. I two followed the old unbricking tutorial and got back onto my tablet.