Searching for a Destination Registering a Protection Code Registering a Protection Code E E E E You can stop sender’s names or fold- Press the user destination key ers being accessed by setting a protec- you want to register or enter the tion code. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, may result in minor or moderate injury or damage to property. The title of the currently selected The functions under which the screen. If other messages appear, follow the instructions displayed.

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The re- ceived facsimile number is shown on the display aficik the other machine and printed in a report. Control Panel Display Panel The display panel shows machine status, error messages, and function menus.

B Press [Own Name].


F F F F Place the originals, and then press p. A A A A Select one of the punch hole positions. This shortens printing time as it maximizes printer efficiency.

Settings should be made accordingly in the following situations: Copying the following items is generally prohibited by local law: However, for long-term storage, make sure to store them in a binder away from direct sunlight. The following tables explains the symbols used in the chart. Make sure you read the following precautions when using the optional finisher: C Enter an own name, and then press [OK].


Changing the Paper Size F F F F Square the paper, and then load it If you load a paper size that is in the tray with the copying face not selected automatically down.


B Adjust by pressing [Text] or [Photo]. This function is available cation Name.

Doing so may result in Press to activate the machine. See the table below.

The second function selected will be the function you are working in. For details about optional products, see p. After you complete the setting, the machine switches to online au- tomatically. Finished] after all the originals have been scanned.

You can change t ran sm ission mo de by p ressing [Immed. Take out the new toner 2.

Gestetner Aficio DSC-332

afjcio No more documents can be stored when the total is 2, Introduction This manual describes detailed instructions on the operation and notes about the use of this machine. Document Server Relationship between Document Server and Other Functions The following table describes the relationship between the Document Server and other functions.


The following table shows punch positions: Copies can be assembled with each Note page shifted. ADF, and check if the machine com- does not turn 332 when municating with a computer.

Memory Transmission – Checking the transmission – Broadcasting Sequence settings If you dial several destinations for the same message afuciothe You can check the transmission set- messages are sent in the order in tings e. If you do, your copy settings will be lost. Getting Started – Auto Off The machine automatically turns it- self off when the job is finished, after a certain period of time has elapsed.

Disabled functions are displayed in gray. If no subject is specified, one is automatically assigned in the format shown in 1 above. Hold the green upper part of seal A A A Aand then slowly peel the fuser oil unit. Environmental conditions light more than 1, lux.