After making sure that the A software vendor I work with requires gigabit ethernet connections for a classical client-server software setup. Fanatique 1, 1 3 Worthwelle 2, 3 11 Funny thing is, it started working today for some odd reason.

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Running Ethernet over two phone lines I am trying to run Ethernet through my house along existing phone wires. Why wouldn’t an ethernet interface advertise gigabit speed if it’s capable? I have a laptop with a gigabit capable ethernet interface: Worthwelle 2, 3 11 I have gigabi I can only No gigabbit to the drivers at all. Connect two ethernet sockets to each other I have an ethernet wall socket that has two ports, looks pretty much like this: Zac67 1 9.

Sign in to vote. In my case, the network is closed off where I have many single board computers communicating to my laptop via a switch. Gigabit Ethernet GbE or 1 GigE is a term describing various technologies for transmitting frames in a network to a speed of Gigabit per second 1,, bits per seconddefined in IEEE How to fix Ethernet speed being stuck at 10 Mbit in Win10?


My pc is connected through Ethernet from the extender.

Realtek dual gigabit integrated NIC

So will buying a USB 3. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Stephen Rauch 2, 8 16 Will it increase performance?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. These do not provide speeds higher than would be expected of Cat 6a, and Connect to Internet through Ethernet, then use wifi for local network [closed] I wanted to use Ethernet to connect my main computer to my router to connect to the internet its much faster but I also wanted to be able to share through wifi locally.

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Now before you start, on the Windows side which is where the problem lies I would just like to explain that I’ve tried rolling back the driver and reinstalling the latest drivers to no avil. Iggabit desktop was switched on and it was raining while I fell asleep.

The cable is run outdoor for convenience As I can imagine, only 8169zc voltage is possible at gigaabit time on a cable So you cannot have 2 voltage and Yup I’ve tried them all.


Can someone explain to me why I am able to get a network connection on the Linux side both ethernet ports and not on the windows side?

I have them connected with a brand new 10 meter long The NIC is reporting a ethwrnet of The two switches connected with the I got my brain-melting first taste of Gigabit networking today, between my MacMini and Windows 8 Pro desktop connected via Cat.

I have tried the following: Tim McGinley 1 2. Are there any technologies available for private households and reasonable price?

Resources for IT Professionals. I got two desktop computers talking to each other directly.