Waiting for advice before I proceed. This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. I don’t want to do a low-level format, since I have windows still on the drive, and none of the other options work. Yes I have the silent boot mode setup in the bios. Well, let’s take a step back.

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Try a PS2 connected keyboard. Yes I have the silent boot mode setup in the bios. I tried a PS2 keyboard – got the same results.

Report back where you are with this right now. Once the formatting was done, Windows recognized it just fine. Computer powers off in sleep mode Try enabling that but do go try a PS2 keyboard.

I don’t want to do a low-level format, since I have windows still on the drive, and none of the other options work. I take it then everyone else has the Satx boot screen too, just mine is slightly slower?

2 Port SATA II PCI Software RAID Controller Card

SiI satq gets hung up on prompt. How long it takes is up to your MB, not the card. I feel it is resolved enough.

Look at the troubles you have and isn’t that enough to return it and get something else? Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. pcj


The bios on the SilA card has been updated to the latest, but the computer still will not boot. Well I know that if I flashed 35112a and messed it up, I would just be able to return it, since I plan to do so anyways.

[SOLVED] Problems connecting SATA drive with PCI Controller – Tech Support Forum

It does the Beep code that it usually does, but then Windows doesn’t load. If you flash it and something happens, you can screw it up enough so it is not workable. The computer will boot and install all drivers with the drive disconnected, and the drive works fine in a new Lenovo computer with SATA-II ports on the motherboard. Not that I have a cure for this board but thought you may want to know about the past fixes.

You are reporting the following post: At this point, is it safe to assume that this drive is not going to work with this controller?

I did not connect the hard drive at first, so as to boot into windows with my IDE and install the drivers. But the aim really of the thread is to ask whether it is at all possible to remove this boot screen info entirely as it still takes secs for it to disappear making my boot time even longer.


Thanks for your help! Is there any way to have it just time out and continue?

[SOLVED] Problems connecting SATA drive with PCI Controller

OK, my bad assumption. Both, my and my are from that company and both could 3512x easily flashed from Raid to non-Raid Bios the needed to be flashed under plain DOS.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. So far, so good. Ah I see, so that Satalink boot screen is supposed to appear then: It’s the code that the PCI card runs that may not work so well. In general, I think people seem to have better luck with the based cards than thebut there are a number of threads around here on both cards.

If you can boot with the card installed but no drive attached then see if new firmware for the card corrects it. You need to take a read of my team mate Linderman’s sticky: The properties of the satalink in device manager states: